Sheriff Joe Just Made a BRILLIANT Move in His Racial Profiling Case, The Judge Didn’t See THIS Coming!


Sheriff Joe Just Made a BRILLIANT Move in His Racial Profiling Case, The Judge Didn’t See THIS Coming! 2016-05-18 20-26-53


Phoenix Judge G. Murray Snow has been after “The Toughest Sheriff” Joe Arpaio for a long time, 18 months in this particular case.   They accuse Joe of profiling Latinos during their traffic operations.

Joe does a great job in keeping illegals out of our country, he locks up the illegal rapists, drug runners etc. and holds them in a desert jail called “Tent City”.

Joe Arpaio is facing criminal court charges for not obeying  Judge Snow’s order for 18 months.  The charges say Joe was disobeying orders in a racial profiling case. The criminal contempt case could expose him to fines and possible jail time if the Judge rules the charge as a felony charge.  If it’s a misdemeanor charge he’ll still have his job.  Joe has served six terms and voters want him because he is tough and firm when it comes to enforcing the law and catching illegal fence jumpers who commit crimes in our country.

Arpaio and his top officers have been in front of U.S. District Court Judge G. Murray Snow since summer 2009 after the original judge on the case, U.S. District Judge Mary Murguia, recused herself. She took the action after the Sheriff’s Office complained about statements that Murguia’s twin sister, Janet, had made in her role as leader of a national Latino rights group. As quoted in an article by

Just 30 minutes before the hearing held this Friday morning, Sheriff Joe fired back with the same defense demanding Judge Snow recuse himself for having a serious bias against the Sheriff. It was a bold move to expose this case for what it really is, a witch hunt.

Sheriff Joe’s Office claims that Judge Snow has moved from being an independent arbiter in the case into the role of investigating “issues involving his own family.”

Joe admitted in a contempt of court hearing last month that he hired a private eye to investigate comments that Snow’s wife allegedly made about the judge’s intent to remove Arpaio from office. This is alone would be enough to disqualify the judge, but the Sheriff’s Attorneys also added a list of grievances Joe has against Snow dating back to 2013.

It looks like America’s toughest Sheriff knows what he is doing and he is NOT a man you wanna mess with when it comes to knowing the law.