Sheriff Clarke On Obama, Kerry Bad Mouthing America To College Students


Sean Hannity invited Sheriff David Clarke in to discuss the latest proclamations of the communist agitator that is squatting in our White House, in which he said that racism is why some people succeed and others don’t. Foreigner Hussein Obama succeeded in lying his way into the highest office in the country, but that was luck too, the bad kind, for all the rest of us.

He plays a clip of Obama saying, in a manner that would make Joseph Stalin proud, “We have to not only question the world as it is, and stand up for those African-Americans who haven’t been so lucky, because yes you’ve worked hard but you’ve also been lucky. That’s a pet peeve of mine, people who’ve been successful [He could have ended his sentence right there] and don’t realize they’ve been lucky.”

The racist-in-chief continued, “That God may have blessed them, it wodn’t [sic] nothin you did. So don’t have an attitude,” as he is demonstrating he most certainly does, one of resentment against those who have elevated themselves above average. His precious communism is built on everybody being average and he’s blaming the failure of some to meet his low standards as well as the ability of some to exceed them on blind, stupid luck. What a great motivator he is.

He tells the black students to be confident in their heritage and their blackness and then gets into some nonsensical discussion of how to be black. This from the guy who started out the address by adopting his typical black preacher accent, the phony one he uses when he wants to “fit in with the brothers” rather than the “brotherhood.”

As was written in this article, John Kerry addressed a crowd himself, this one almost exclusively white kids, telling them they were the most diverse in the history of Northeastern while filling their heads full of anti-American globalist crap.

Sheriff David Clarke was not amused by the actions of either of the anti-American hypocrites who are now working to destroy this country. He’s, as usual, not shy about making his opinion known.

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