Sheriff Clarke – Obama Calling White Folks Racist


After being played clips of the two leaders, President Hollande of France and ‘president’ Hussein Obama of the world, Sheriff David Clarke describes the differences as “like night and day. Hollande seems to appreciate the work of the police force in France, the intelligence services he mentioned. And ‘president’ Obama, and I say this with no hyperbole intended, he is the most anti-cop ‘president’ I have ever seen in my thirty-eight years of policing.

“He does nothing,” Clarke says, “but just sit up there and tear the American police officer down, finds fault with us. You know I noticed he was pointing his finger, sticking, actually, a finger in the eye I should say, of white folks, talking about their biases and things like that.”

He continues, “He’s real quick to talk about how white folks are racists but he didn’t acknowledge the situation in Dallas where you had a black racist. He doesn’t acknowledge people or organizations like the New Black Panther Party, a racist organization, the Nation of Islam, a racist organization. But it’s always the white man’s fault and America’s getting tired of this rhetoric, they really are. And every time he opens his mouth he just adds more fuel to the fire.”

He’s asked how prepared we are to have safe conventions. Clarke recognizes that the world is on fire. He says, “The United States is upside down right now with some of the things that are going on here. This is Obama’s new normal. The law enforcement agencies in Cleveland; they’re prepared. They’re prepared for anything that might go on. You always hope for the best but you prepare for the worst and that way no matter what happens you’ll be able to handle the situation.”

Clarke says, “I have complete confidence in the law enforcement that’s in Cleveland, assembled for this Republican National Convention as well as the Democrat National Convention. We know how to police these things; we’ve done it before, bigger events than this. This isn’t as big as something like the Super Bowl, you know; Super Bowl week, some of those events.”

He thinks things will be fine although “There’s for sure going to be people are going to show up that just want to agitate and cause trouble but they’ll be dealt with appropriately.”

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