Sheriff Clarke – Democrat Urban Welfare State To Blame


Sheriff David Clarke of Milwaukee County discusses the riots and social unrest inflicting his area, leading off by dismissing the expected effectiveness of the 10pm curfew imposed by the Democrat Mayor. Clarke notes that the city already has an 11pm curfew for juveniles in effect and a large portion of those engaged in the lawlessness are juveniles.

Clarke says the public has a misconception of the cause of the riots, describing the shooting as an igniter but not a cause. The cause, he says, is tribal behavior, where civil law is replaced by the law of the jungle. He says Milwaukee could be a case study in how damaging progressive liberal policies have been to the city of Milwaukee. They’ve created an underclass here. We have entrenched poverty in the city of Milwaukee. We have failing schools; we have dysfunctional families, broken homes. We have massive unemployment, we have questionable lifestyle choices; those are the ingredients.”

Riots Created By Failed Democrat Policies – Police Left To Clean Up Mess

“I said back in Ferguson,” He continues, “This could be any urban area in America, not just Ferguson. The same pathologies brought on by the growth of the welfare state leads to government dependency, then all of a sudden when people get frustrated, and they do and they get angry and then you have a flash point like a police shooting, and then things erupt.”

Clarke says, “Until this city, Tom Barrett and a political class, a liberal Democrat political class, addresses these urban pathologies, this stuff is going to happen every time there’s a police shooting. It’s going to happen in other cities across America, as we’ve seen.

Van Susteren says she’s enraged by the amount of money these politicians have received and wasted, leaving the police to go in and fix what hasn’t been properly addressed by those whose job it is to do so. Clarke notes that those calls for money have already been made. The local politicians are exploiting the situation to get their hands on state and federal dollars. Clarke says, “Nothing changes, the money never reaches the poor who are at the bottom. It goes to special interests here.”

Sheriff Clarke asks, “What happened to the $1 trillion stimulus package that was designed for urban reconstruction. The other day Jesse Jackson said not enough money is being spent on urban reconstruction and I had to laugh, I literally laughed. I said ‘Where did the stimulus money go? He should call ‘president’ Obama and he should ask him. Where did that money go? Why didn’t it reach those at the bottom of the rung?”

Clarke adds, “This isn’t about money. They’ve created a welfare state here, they want status quo; they meaning this progressive movement. It’s not synonymous with Milwaukee. If you look at any other urban area with a ghetto, Chicago, Philadelphia, Baltimore and other cities, it’s the same thing. And then the police, like you said, come along, have to do what they have to do and all of a sudden it’s the fault of the police. We’re working on the wrong thing. This is pathetic; I’m from Milwaukee and it sickens me.”

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