Sheriff Babeu – Obama Frees Criminal Illegals To Harm Innocent Americans


Immigration and Customs Enforcement, ICE, released 19,723 convicted criminal illegal aliens into the streets of America last year. The foreign criminals totaled among them over 64,000 convictions which included murder, rape, sex crimes, child molestation and drunk driving.

The agency director, Sarah Saldana, appeared before the House Oversight and Reform Committee and attempted to defend their failure to abide by the laws they swore an oath to enforce in defense of this nation. Saldana offered an “it’s not my fault,” excuse, saying, “Over two-thirds of the criminal releases were as a result of the Supreme Court telling us we had to release someone, wasn’t ICE choosing to do so.” She added indignantly, “So to sit there and say that the proud women and men of law enforcement in ICE are choosing to release criminals is absolutely unforgivable.”

Nobody’s accusing the rank and file members of ICE, Saldana. They are being prevented from doing the jobs they want to do by their leadership, including Saldana herself and DHS Secretary Jihadi Jeh Johnson.

Pinal County, Arizona Sheriff Paul Babeu is not at all surprised; he’s been living the reality of dealing with the damage inflicted by the criminal Obama regime. He offered his insight into the situation, saying, “At the same time ‘president’ Obama has put a target on the back of our heroes in law enforcement across the country,” noting, “they’re releasing these violent criminals who are not even citizens into our communities. They’ve released 500 right here in Pinal County, AZ, alone.”

Sheriff Babeu explains, “These aren’t just regular criminals from America, these are criminals from foreign countries; 208 of the number you just gave are convicted of murder. 900 are convicted of rape, sexual assault, child molestation, and they release them into our communities and you don’t have to be the sheriff to figure out bad things are going to happen because of this.”

Babeu says, “The ‘president’ has to be held directly accountable for these actions and for the crimes that will occur because of this.”

Sheriff Babeu is asked about the connection of situations such as that of Kate Steinle to the criminal releases, how she was murdered by a multiple offender, previously deported illegal that was released rather than deported.  The Sheriff points out that there are thousands of her with a different name, the sons and daughters of our families, Americans.”

He mentions the despicable and loathsome excuse for an ICE Director, Sarah Saldana, exposing her attempts at “defending the actions of this government and trying to use this shield of law enforcement to protect their actions – it’s not the cops. It’s not ICE, it’s not our heroes in the Border Patrol. It’s ‘president’ Obama and this administration, by their policies. This is absolute lawlessness. With a wave of their hand it’s the continuation of this executive action and orders and through rule making they’re having the same impact as law.”

He adds, “And they’re handcuffing all of us in law enforcement across America. And this is where we need to put America, our families, our interests first for once. Not illegals, not criminal illegals from foreign countries. These people that have been released should be deported, never to return to America again. Yet this ‘president’ will never do so and that’s why he should be fired and all of his cohorts should be replaced with Americans who are going to do their job, enforce the laws that are on the books and put America first.”
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