Sheila Jackson Lee Took Heat For “H” Pin In Clinton Hearings – America’s Got It All Wrong


It would be hard to believe that Rep Sheila Jackson Lee (D-TX) would lack the integrity to restrain herself from wearing a pin expressing her support for the criminal espionage suspect turned presidential candidate, Hillary Clinton, during House hearings. It would be in particularly bad judgment for her to do so when the hearings are regarding her presidential candidate getting off without prosecution for offenses that would put any other American behind bars for a very long time. At her age and in her poor health, it would have been a life sentence.

Yet there she was, sporting a gold “H” pin during the House Judiciary Committee hearings into the illegal Clinton bootleg server. FBI Director Comey was questioned regarding the obviously political decision he made not to recommend prosecution of Clinton, a decision which the corrupt Attorney General Loretta Lynch had already pledged to abide by. Everybody covered everybody else. Only Comey is on the hook, and he can talk his way out of it. Everyone else can say “don’t blame me, blame James.”

The sincere humanitarian, Jackson Lee characterized the hearing as being an effort to smear Clinton during her questioning of Comey. She said, “[Republicans] want you to prosecute, or ask the [Justice Department] to prosecute, Secretary Clinton regardless of the facts. So they’ve engaged in an almost daily ritual of holding hearings, desperately trying to tear down the investigation.”

Still, aside from those strong feelings, there is that unwavering sense of tradition and respect for the rule of law, the Constitution and the House itself, that Jackson Lee has displayed on extremely rare occasions throughout her political career. But this wasn’t one of those times.

She’s honorable, a pillar of the Congressional community, both literally in appearance and in her conduct and demeanor. That “H” can’t possibly stand for Hillary and there is another possibility. There is another potential explanation, another hero of the left that passed away not too long ago. It’s an individual that is sorely missed and shares an initial with Mrs. Clinton.

It would be a fitting and acceptable recognition and a way to honor that Democrat stalwart of freedom and self expression, the epitome of what it means to be a Democrat today. That noble representative of all that is good and decent with the Democrat party who happened to have passed away on May 28th, 4 months almost to the day before the hearings.

That legendary Democrat, missed by all but apparently by none more than Rep Sheila Jackson Lee, was, of course, Cincinnati’s Harambe. Taken from us four months ago in a tragic twist of fate but not soon to be forgotten.

Thank you, Rep Jackson Lee, for remembering to wear the Harambe “H” in his memory.  He’s so much more deserving than the scumbag many assumed you were acknowledging, that witch Hillary Clinton.

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