New “Sexiest Man Alive” Announced…Women Wonder Who Is Voting

Just to change things up, since People Magazine FINALLY recognized the sexy virility of professional soccer players in naming England’s David Beckham to the title, in 2016, the popular supermarket offering gives us a former wrestler and actor as the “Sexiest Man Alive.”


Not to discount Dwayne Johnson, because he’s really not bad looking, but what about this?


Okay, the sheer number of tats Argentina’s Lio Messi sports can be offputting, but International Football also gives us Cristiano Ronaldo, even if he is from Portugal (in big league soccer this is a problem):


But, no, sexiest man alive goes to Dwayne Johnson.  And what does he have to say about it?

Johnson is expecting to get some grief from his friends over the title.

“It’s coming now. I can just imagine how it’s going to be,” the former wrestling champion says with a big laugh. “But see, here’s the thing: They give me grief, but they all wish. They all wish.”

What makes Johnson sexy? “This is the kind of question that gets me into trouble,” he jokes. In all seriousness, he says “a sense of humor” is probably the sexiest thing about himself. “And I think probably just not trying to be sexy and just being cool and confident in your movies,” the Jumanji actor adds. “I think with a lot of my fans, I’ve gotten to a very, very cool place where there’s a direct line between the man they know off-screen and the man they see on-screen.”

It doesn’t hurt that he’s good-looking, either. “It starts with the skin,” he says with a laugh.”We’ve only got one face,” Johnson, 44, adds. “You’ve got to take care of it. So I exfoliate.”

Dwayne, honey, please, check your man card at the door.

So, guys, the real secret to being sexy is to take care of yourself and dress like you care…well, and wearing a kilt.  And, while you’re at it, sexiestplease, put the seat down.

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