SEX OFFENDERS Won’t Have To Register Anymore Here

sex offender registry

SEX OFFENDERS Won’t Have To Register Anymore Here

The piece of mind that residents of 1 state had, is now gone.

January 1, a state law that required Level 1 sex offenders to register their location for 20 years expired. The law was put into place in 1996.

The Level 1 designation can include rape in the first degree, sodomy, and child molestation.

Where did it happen? New York.

Citizens there are NOT happy!

Laura Ahearn of the Long Island advocacy group Parents For Megan’s Law told News 12 that, in Nassau and Suffolk alone, about 60 to 70 sex offenders will come off the registry this year.

“We have a stack of Level 1 offenders that have committed serious offenses against young children — as young as 2 years old — and they are going to be dropping off that registry,” Ahearn explained.

sex offender registry

sex offender registry

She went on to say “I don’t know if this is a leadership issue, or what it is, but I’m continuing to push very hard.”

Some of the leadership is trying to get something done about the situation.

A bill has been introduced in the Assembly by Long Island Republican Dean Murray. It would extend the 20-year requirement to 30 years. Murray told reporters that to get the bill passed he still needs a Democratic sponsor in the Democrat-controlled chamber.

The official New York State registry is currently available to the public online. It can be searched by entering a last name, a county, or a zip code. Level 2 and 3 sex offenders are required to register on it for life.

Last year, New York state law makers did away with the ability of local governments to restrict where sex offenders can reside. A law that kept all sex offenders from living within 1,000 feet of a school was thrown out by the state Court of Appeals. Local restrictions had been passed by 109 cities, towns, and villages and 21 counties.

It appears that officials in the Empire State are more concerned with their rehabilitation statistic than being, even slightly, realistic.

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source: Fox News