Seven More Hillary Clinton Emails Deemed Too Secret To Share


Rep. Chris Stewart (R-Utah), a member of the House Intelligence Committee, came out and said it yesterday on America’s Newsroom with Martha MacCallum – there were more than twenty two emails found in Hillary Clinton’s cache that exposed “operational intelligence” including names and locations of assets, and details of methodology.  There are, at last count, seven more.

Stewart said his years of experience handling highly classified material allowed him to recognize immediately the sensitive nature of Clinton’s emails. The Utah Republican said he had never seen anything more sensitive than the information contained within the emails.

“They do reveal classified methods, they do reveal classified sources, and they do reveal human assets,” he said during an appearance on Fox’s “America’s Newsroom” earlier in the day.

Stewart gave a hypothetical scenario of the sort of information that was included in the emails (this information was not really what was there, just as an example):

“if I received an e-mail saying, ‘here are the names and addresses and phone numbers of ten of our undercover agents in Pakistan,’ I would know … that was classified. I wouldn’t look for a heading.”

Rep. Stewart was, in fact, an Air Force pilot flying one of the most sensitive weapons the United States has ever produced.  His security clearance is higher than even Hillary Clinton’s.  The question of how Hillary actually was sent some of this information has not been addressed, but why and how it got to be on her server has been the focus.

According to Politico an investigation by the House Oversight Committee is in the works to look at methodology on how classified information is disseminated.  Rep. Jason Chaffetz (R-Utah) has been given the go-ahead by House Speaker Paul Ryan to look into the practices, but NOT as to how they pertain to Hillary Clinton specifically.

Ryan and [House Majority Leader Kevin] McCarthy have been clear from the beginning: They believe the FBI and Justice Department should handle the investigation into Clinton’s use of personal email for government business, and that congressional involvement could disrupt the criminal probe and give the appearance of a GOP witch-hunt.

Ryan, however, had given Chaffetz a green light to proceed — with caution — investigating systematic problems within his committee’s broad jurisdiction, while making clear his preference that Chaffetz steer clear of Clinton personally.

That directive has now changed so as to avoid investigating ANYTHING having to do with Hillary Clinton deferring instead to the FBI on the matters concerning her server and the possession of top secret information outside of the chain of security.  Chaffetz claims that the systemic deficiencies in security adherence go beyond the former Secretary of State, and says that he can investigate around her, even if she is at the center of the main issues.

Ultimately, the reality is that additional emails are coming to light that exposed the intelligence network to hackers of all stripes willing to break into the Clintons’ server.  And that reality will be played like a political witch hunt of the Vast Right Wing Conspiracy that Hillary herself insists is now better funded.  Watch for more of the same in the coming days.

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