Sets The Stage, Casts The Characters, Frames The Dialogue And Smiles


Fox News’ Megyn Kelly has never been very good at hiding her disdain for Donald Trump and frequently uses her position to steer discussions into directions which she seems to believe will inflict damage upon the GOP candidate.

In this instance she’s using the battle between a tool of the Clinton campaign, Khizr Kahn, and Trump for just such a purpose. Khan is using his Gold Star Father status as a shield from retaliation or criticism for political attacks. The media and other political types are roundly taking advantage of this fabricated opportunity to strike at Trump for not being politically correct and letting him take unlimited shots, beginning with a speech at the Democrat convention. They suddenly care about the family of one dead soldier when it serves to advance the liberal agenda.

Kelly joins in the feeding frenzy, empanelling a decidedly anti-Trump discussion about the issue. One panelist is Paul Rieckhoff, a Veteran and head of a Veterans group. His political affiliations aren’t known but he was a vocal advocate for gay rights, repeal of Don’t Ask Don’t Tell and the reform of the military’s sexual assault policies, all issues in line with the Obama agenda. He is also a member of the Council on Foreign Relations, which puts him in line with the political establishment and Hillary Clinton.

Another member of Kelly’s Panel is a Democrat Arizona Congressman and the third, Ben Collins, is a former Green Beret who supports Donald Trump.

Kelly sets the ground rules by saying that “there is an unwritten rule; you just don’t go after Gold Star families. If you’re a presidential candidate or a politician you let them beat up on you, you let them say whatever they want to say about you and you move on.” Rieckhoff says that the outrage because Trump didn’t follow that set of rules has been universal. Kelly jumped in on the bashing with one of the attacks that Khan made on Trump asking what he had sacrificed and ridiculed Trump’s response that he has sacrificed plenty and worked very hard. What has his sponsor, Mrs. Clinton, sacrificed, Kelly, other than the lives of other Americans?

The Democrat from Arizona went on to say that Trump is clueless on Veterans issues, who accuses Trump of being undignified and flying off the handle by virtue of the fact that he responded.

Collins is the thinker in the bunch who didn’t arrive in the building carrying an anti-Trump political agenda with him. He recognizes that these parents chose to make a political statement at the DNC and have aggressively come out against Donald Trump. In doing so they are engaging in political debate and forfeit the protection afforded them by their son’s sacrifice. They can’t have it both ways.

Collins makes the point that we don’t want a friend, we want a leader, to which Rieckhoff gets in a parting shot that Gold Star families are sacred, as if they are granted a lifetime permit to say whatever they want on behalf of anyone for any purpose without a response. That may be his view, and he’s entitled to it. Collins disagrees, saying that he’s conflating two different arguments.

Rieckhoff says he’s making a very clear point, “That Gold Star Families in this country have endured unimaginable sacrifice and they are off limits.”

Nobody is attempting to diminish their loss or the amount of respect being shown to their son or to them, but there are limits and Khan has exceeded them. Kelly claims that Mrs. Khan wrote an op-ed because she can’t speak publicly. Since Trump would be lambasted for asking the question, I’ll ask it. Did anyone see her write it? Is it possible that the Clinton campaign or her husband wrote it for her? Are you all that stupid and so willing to accept self-censorship through intimidation?

Trump has been championing Veterans issues his entire campaign. It’s nice to see how appreciative they are. They ought to thank God every day that Donald Trump is willing to take on this challenge and fight against this corruption and perversion of our Constitution and our government. He doesn’t need this crap and we’re damn fortunate that he’s too stubborn to quit.

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