Sessions Frustrated By Clinton, Kerry, Obama Reckless Middle East Meddling


Senator Jeff Sessions questions Defense Secretary Ash Carter about the situation in Syria, which he labels “such a disaster.” Sessions cites the “hundreds of thousands dead, six million refugees and I don’t see an end in sight.” He’s politely telling Carter the Obama regime has created a huge mess and they’re doing nothing but making it worse.

Noting previous testimony that President Assad will not be leaving any time soon despite the wishes of the globalists running the occupant of the White House, reminding Carter that “Five years ago the ‘president’ said Assad has to go and is going. He did not go. And this is all a result of that.” He asks Carter what he foresees as the end of the conflict and what is our goal.

Carter first responds with the claim of progress in fighting ISIS militarily in Iraq and Syria and is brought back to focus on the goal by Sessions. Carter replies in the broadest of terms that “the goal of the United States policy in Syria is to end the Syrian civil war and it has been that for a long time.”

Carter goes on to detail another adventure in nation building, featuring the removal of another president and the insertion of a government that once again includes the infamous, “moderate opposition.” Those are the jihadis John McCain was chumming around with and has worked so hard with Obama in arming, the ISIS clones that say they don’t hate us as much as the other terrorists.

Sessions is concerned that ISIS, while they may be sustaining some damage, is not being destroyed and that with the implementation of some peace agreement, and the resulting reduced American presence, ISIS will fill the vacuum like they did in Iraq. Carter says that Kerry is working on that. It’s not very reassuring as Kerry has demonstrated himself to not be the most capable negotiator or nation builder in the past.

Senator Sessions runs out of time and patience simultaneously and offers some personal observations to the Secretary of Defense. He tells him bluntly, “I believe we could have done a better job with safe zones, I’m worried about the area in Iraq. I’ve talked to you previously and personally about it. We need an active American policy, a leadership in the world, but we cannot establish all of these governments and run them and assure how they’ll come out in the end.”

Sessions continues, “And we can’t occupy these countries for decades to try to assure that. That’s just not realistic. A wise statesman would have seen the danger in Syria. A wise statesman would have seen the danger in Libya. A wise statesman should have seen what could have happened in Egypt. And except for thirty million Egyptians going to the public square and driving out the Muslim Brotherhood, we could have a disaster there.”

He tells Carter, “We’ve got to be more realistic in our foreign policy, we’ve got to know what we can do to affect positively the world, and what we cannot do. And we’re not able to ensure democratic governments throughout this region of the world. And we’re now facing colossal humanitarian disaster. It’s been bubbling for a number of years and there’s no easy solution to get out of it. I wish it were but there’s not.

So just to be clear, neither John Kerry, Hillary Clinton, or Hussein Obama is what Senator Sessions would deem a wise statesman. Without saying the words, Sessions has called them bumbling inept and naive fools.  He’s still approaching things from the standpoint that the Democrats want what’s best for America.

They don’t, Senator and they’re making you look just a little bit foolish in your failure to recognize their treachery. They wanted the Muslim Brotherhood takeover in Egypt, they killed Gaddafi in Libya to create a state that could not defend itself from radical Islamists, they deliberately created a vacuum and allowed ISIS to grow in Iraq and Syria and they plan to do the same thing in Syria. It’s about a caliphate and global power, Senator.

The Democrats  aren’t as stupid as they look, they’re just much more evil than you give them credit for.

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