Sessions – Clinton Surrogate “Khan-Man”


Senator Jeff Sessions, a savvy politician, friend of Donald Trump and political supporter, knows that this whole press frenzy over the Islamic attack dog Khizr “Khan Man” Khan’s comments is a fabrication of the leftist media. He knows that it is designed to diminish Donald Trump and elevate the criminal Hillary Clinton.

He’s a respected national figure so he must be very careful how he goes about his attempts to diffuse the situation and if possible, show it for what it is. Sessions is a master of the understatement so he’s the right man for the job, although it’s very hard to defend against arbitrary false accusations.

Khan and his wife were foreigners from Pakistan who were invited into this country, shown our hospitality, and given a seat to dine at the table of American liberty, so to speak. Now they are complaining about the quality of the food, the preparation time and the prices. It’s quite common among the “entitled” foreigners, particularly the demanding ones of Arab descent. They believe the tales of the incessant Democrat preaching of Marxist equality and entitlement.

He and his wife lost a son in service to the country. That’s an honor to his memory. It’s not a license to dictate a radical American domestic policy of blind stupidity. They dishonor their son’s memory through their transparent politicization of his death.

Senator Sessions is asked for a response to the insulting assertions by the Jihadi dad that “Donald Trump has a black soul.” Sessions replied, “I reject that and I’m disappointed that he would say that. Donald Trump complimented him; he praised his son who gave his life for this country. Mr. Khan’s son served in the military, he did his duty and he gave his life for America and that deserves to be celebrated, absolutely.”

Sessions continued, “But I don’t think anybody that says that we ought to slow down and be more careful about bringing in immigrants from countries that have terrorist tendencies and can’t be vetted properly, I don’t believe that that’s a person that lacks a soul.”

Sessions adds, “Millions of Americans, a majority of Americans favor that kind of policy with regard to immigration from countries that have histories of terrorism.”

Khan is serving as a spokesman for the Clinton Obama open borders policies. Those whose loved ones have been killed or injured by Islamic terrorists or illegal aliens argue the opposite side of the question. Their senseless loss is a much more compelling argument than that of one ungrateful Pakistani couple whose son was unfortunately killed in action.

The arguments that Khan is attempting to make assign good intentions and civility across the board to a wide range of people that don’t deserve them. Once again political correctness is attempting to blind the American people to reality in pursuit of being nice. This kind of niceness could get a lot of people killed. A lot more families, including those of civilians, could be in the situation that the Khans are in if the Clinton campaign gets its way.

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