Sen Sessions – Desperate Cruz VP Stunt, Kasich Deal, Indiana Voters Will Decide


Senator Jeff Sessions (R-AL), arguably the only true statesman in the United States Senate, is also the chairman of the Trump National Security Advisory Team. He joins Megyn Kelly for a discussion of the race, beginning in a logical place for a Kelly interview, by examining Donald Trump’s negatives.

She points out that Mr. Trump has the highest negatives of any GOP frontrunner since the beginning of tracking “back in the seventies.” Based upon that information she asks, “Does he need to do something a little different at this point?”

Senator Sessions, the kind of guy every American wants to have in their corner, isn’t buying into the negativity. He replies, “Well you know he’s been himself, he’s been frank, and his vote totals continue to rise. He had these tremendous victories, carrying every county in five states. I don’t think I’ve seen anything like that in many years in this kind of contested environment.”

Kelly interrupts to shift the focus to the general election, begrudgingly acknowledging that he’s killing it with the Republicans but saying, “You’ve got to look at the general at this point.” That’s’ an odd comment on her part, particularly in view of the fact that her next guest is the new “vice-president” nominee of the guy who finished third in the GOP states that just voted; clearly he’s not willing to allow Mr. Trump to focus solely on the general election.

Sessions reminds Kelly of what Trump has been up against, basically him against the world of politics, media and private money and influence purchases. He says, “He’s been subjected to just incredible negative advertising for months and months and months and it’s really not working. He’s getting stronger and I think he’ll continue to get stronger. And as the more people realize what he’s doing, he’s defending American working people.”

Sessions highlights some featured points of the package of Trump reforms to government saying, “He’s going to fix and fight back against unfair trade policies. He’s going to make sure we have a foreign policy that serves the national interest. He going to end illegal immigration, he’s going to fix this border and he’s going to protect American jobs. That’s what people have been asking for, that’s the kind of leadership they want. That’s what the Republican establishment has refused to give and so this next election is going to be a big deal.”

In a thinly veiled swipe at the chicanery that took place in Colorado, North Dakota and elsewhere, Sessions said, “In Indiana, the people are going to vote, not politicians, not the establishment, are going to decide who wins Indiana and who becomes the next president. It’s going to be the American people and they’re doing pretty well right now.”

Kelly says, “Trump had a big night here in the northeast last night, a five state sweep with big margins, and today, Ted Cruz, who is not a dumb man, everyone can agree Ted Cruz is smart [despicable and sleazy as well] announced a running mate. Now he doesn’t have the nomination yet [or ever] but he announced a running mate, Carly Fiorina, who is going to be here with us exclusively in a moment. What do you make of that move and the selection of Carly Fiorina?”

Sessions responds, “Well I think it’s very unusual and surprising, but I guess when you’re behind and you’re facing a critical election like Indiana and you’ve got to maneuver with Kasich to try and beat Trump and block the people’s choice so far, then this is – he’s going to make a try. Maybe it’s a desperate move, maybe it would work. It’ll be decided by the people of Indiana.”

Kelly tries to reduce the contest to one of gender, just as she so infamously did at the opening of the very first debate, saying, “What do you think of her, though? I’m guessing the thinking is she helps neutralize the gender history that would be made on the other side.” What gender history is that, Kelly, the one you created at the opening bell? The choice of words makes no sense, rather than “neutralize” the word chosen should have been “capitalize on” or “take advantage of” the false perception that has been created by those such as herself who are opposed to Mr. Trump.

Sessions doesn’t get into it with her, diplomatically stating instead, “You know Megyn I don’t know how to figure all of that. People have their own perspectives. I would just say that right now it does appear Trump is doing well in Indiana. It’ll be a big election coming up next week and we’ll see how it comes out.”

Sessions overall seemed to be very upbeat about Mr. Trump’s chances in Indiana and in the general election. He’s a savvy politician; he likes what he sees.

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