Sen Sessions Blasts DHS For Ignoring Questions On Terrorists Hidden In Refugees


Senator Jeff Sessions, one of the very few in either chamber of Congress who remembers there is a constituency of American people they are supposed to be representing, blistered a DHS representative for the that agencies complete and utter disregard and disrespect for the Congress.

In questioning Leon Rodríguez, Director, U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services, Senator Jeff Sessions can’t help but take advantage of an opportunity to unleash his obvious pent up frustration. Sessions knows the slow walk and rope-a-dope that the criminals Obama and Jeh Johnson are utilizing, running out the clock without being held accountable and doing as much damage to America as they can in the process.

Senator Sessions first points out the fact that claims we are vetting the human imports, many of them terrorists, from Syria are false. He said, “You cannot vet people from Syria because there’s no way and we have no plans to send people into Syria to verify anything that they say.”

He then asks Rodriguez, “Are you not aware that I have written four letters to the Department, asking for information on how many refugees have been convicted of criminal and terrorist activities? Rodriguez claims he’s not but that he’ll be sure to follow up promptly. “This is absolutely breathtaking,” replied Senator Sessions. It’s a total disrespect to this body who is in charge of giving you money to run your business. And we should quit giving you money if you don’t respond and you don’t know basic things.”

That knowledge of not knowing basic things was demonstrated in a pathetic and infuriating performance by his superior, DHS Secretary Jihadi Jeh Johnson, in his Senate testimony. Sessions lists his attempts to get the information, with one of the letters going to Hussein Obama, which was also ignored.

Sessions gives Rodriguez a piece of his mind over the refusal to respond and ignoring of his requests for information. He says, “To me it indicates the determination to promote an agenda without listening to the American people, without listening to their elected representatives and to downplay and to misrepresent, really, the danger that this program presents.”

“And we’re not having terrorists from a lot of areas,”  Sessions says, “but some areas we are having terrorists that threaten this country in a whole lot of ways.” Sessions also tells Rodriguez that if someone in Jihadi Jeh’s office is not forwarding the letters to Rodriguez or whomever to be answered, he takes that as absolute refusal to respond to a legitimate request of Congress.”

There’s no funding left to be done of this rogue agency during the Obama regime and if there were the money would be spent, wasted, blown on things like foreigner importation and climate change indoctrination so Sessions position, outside of being able to vent and demonstrate the arrogance of Obama and Johnson is quite limited.

We already know who and what they are. That hasn’t stopped them from rubbing the noses of Congress in every road apple they pass as they continue to defy the wishes and best interests of the American people and Congress does nothing but talk. Sessions does what he can, but he’s only one man. Those in control in both the House and Senate represent and work for the enemy; something else that adds significantly to his level of frustration.

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