Sen Sessions Amendment Mandates DHS Enforcement, Visa Exit Tracking


Senator Jeff Sessions (R-AL), Chairman of the Senate Subcommittee on Immigration and The National Interest, has filed an amendment to the Federal Aviation Administration Reauthorization Act which would force DHS to do what the 9/11 commission recommended back in 2002, and again made a high priority in a review conducted in 2012; the implementation of the biometric entry-exit system at all airports that serve as United States ports of entry and exit.

He reminds his Senate colleagues that such a system is already required by statute and that they are simply choosing to ignore the law, just as the regime has done and continues to do.

Senator Sessions notes that currently the key components of the system are in place for arrivals but there is no system for departures. He notes that this type of screens are in use all over the country, that they are inexpensive and don’t require a lot of space.

Senator Sessions remarks that as of today, DHS has only administered a handful of pilot programs, that they’ve had one excuse after another. He notes that the money is already appropriated but the “administration continues to dawdle.” Sessions notes that his amendment will complete the system, that it simply states, “No funds from the FAA bill that we passed can be obligated or expended for the purpose of physical modification of existing air navigation facilities that is a port of entry or of the construction of a new  navigation facility intended to be a port of entry unless the Secretary of Homeland Security certifies that the owner or the sponsor of the facility has entered into an agreement that guarantees the installation and implementation at such a facility not later than two years after the date of the enactment of the act.”

Sessions adds, “It’s not going to cause the airlines great problems and somebody needs to be representing the national interest around here; what’s in the public’s interest. They don’t get to undo law passed by Congress for twenty years that should have already been implemented years ago. It’s just that simple.”

“This deal could be done in six months,” says Sessions, “if we had an administration as determined to get it done.” He also raises the issue of “A huge surge in the number of people who come to this country on a visa and don’t go home. It now amounts to over forty percent of the people illegally in the country came on a visa, promising to go home at a certain time and not going home.”

Senator Sessions notes, “This has really got to be brought to a conclusion. The American people want a lawful system of immigration. Are they wrong to ask for that? One that serves the interests of the American people; one that’s worthy of a nation that validates the rule of law? Or do we just give in?

Sessions closes with a message to his fellow Senators, saying, “If Congress would like to know why the American people are not happy with their leaders in Washington, this is a good example of it, a very good example. Congress promises to fix a problem but it doesn’t happen. And we sit back and decades go by and nothing ever happens. So a special interest group speaks up here and a special interest group speaks up there and somehow it never happens.

It’s time to fulfill a promise and a commitment to the American people.

We’ve got one statement, one honest voice in the Senate for the American people. The other ninety-nine belong on the street or behind bars.

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