See Why A Vote For Clinton Is A Vote For Saudi Arabia, Terrorism And MB Control Of America

There are many questions that the sheeple of America need to ask themselves before they vote for their globalist slave master and tool of Saudi Arabia, Hillary Clinton. Although Clinton is unfit for the office of president in so many ways, one that is particularly critical is her involvement with Muslim radical extremism, an aspect which Huma Abedin figures in prominently. The video notes it is possible she could soon become Chief of Staff at the White House, if the coup that is currently underway is successful.

The narrator starts by identifying four primary players in the events surrounding the Clinton-Saudi situation, Hillary Clinton, Huma Abedin, Abdullah Omar Nasseef and Saudi Arabia. They describe her life generally, her American birth and citizenship, her move to Saudi Arabia at age two for her entire childhood, her return to the US to study at George Washington University at age 18 and her subsequent employment under Hillary Clinton in the White House during the Clinton Administration.


A rational, thinking person might find that a bit too coincidental, particularly given her terrorist connections. Even more disturbing, once they were common knowledge, nothing changed regarding her security clearance or position. She was ultimately given even more access than her security clearances provided with the wide open, security-free email system she used at the State Department. Hillary Clinton has been given a lot of money by the Saudi’s over the years, are they paying for two way access?

For those of you thinking of voting for the criminal who has sold us out, watch this video and then think of what you’d be doing, that you would be providing open access to every secret and input into every decision for a fee as Clinton has already demonstrated.

Putting this woman in the White House is a reckless, dangerous act of aiding and abetting our terrorist enemies. It’s effectively an act of treason by vote. What kind of a person treats our secrets and security so recklessly and then asks us to allow her to do it again. Even worse, what kind of person would vote to allow her to do so?

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