Saying Make America Great Again Is Not Cursing And This Is Still America…Right?


The ESL Student and probable illegal alien working in a job for Frontier airlines that should have gone to an American was obviously given the position in spite of her lack of qualifications. She seems unable to distinguish between her own racism and the ability to carry out her duties as a representative of the airline.

She also seems to have fully bought into the anti-Trump Democrat propaganda. Her crash course in the English language may not have properly defined “Make America Great Again,” so all she has to go on is what Hillary Clinton and Luis Gutierrez tell her. Trump’s a racist the propagandists say so this passenger quoting Trump equates to him making racist comments to her. Maybe she knows that make America great means the illegals have to go and she likes it here.

She’s clearly concerned as things spiral beyond the level of where discretion and common sense dictated they be left. She seems aware that forcing the passenger to get off is going too far and putting his travel companion in a situation of having to choose between leaving him stranded and traveling on alone or being stuck alongside him is way beyond justified. The important thing is she got to exert her authority over the Gringo. She’s the big woman in her new town.

The entire gang of apparent inbreds seems to have no idea of what they are doing or why they are doing it. Even if he had used foul language, he wasn’t a threat, he wasn’t aggressive and he wasn’t drunk; he was civil. That isn’t even an issue. The contention is that the Gringo told her “Make America Great Again” and she didn’t like it. She can’t and won’t even tell him what he did wrong because it’s not wrong, it’s not a violation of any law to recite a campaign slogan. Conversely, to kick someone off of a plane because of their political speech is a violation of our Constitution. Just as the Black Lives Matter thugs attack Trump supporters in rallies, this woman is also a thug. Aside from the lack of physical violence, she’s no different from the punks attacking innocent men and women exercising their political freedom.

Part of working in customer service positions is dealing with people who aren’t necessarily behaving in a manner that is ideal. There’s no way to avoid it, it’s part of the job. If she can’t handle it, which seems to be the case, then she should get a job somewhere else. And since she seems to struggle with speaking and understanding English, perhaps a second look at that ID and verification that it isn’t a stolen Social Security number through E-verify would be a good measure for Frontier. They are an American airline, aren’t they?

The bossy woman got her way, she successfully kicked the man off in order to make her political statement, and made her employer look very unprofessional and second or third rate in the process.  Frontier airlines owes these people an apology their plane-Nazi a swift kick in the backside and out the door.

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