Savage And Shoebat Expose Clinton’s Khan


Walid Shoebat joined Michael Savage for a discussion that focused primarily on the Clinton operative Khizr Khan. He’s been her attack dog against Donald Trump for the last several days since he addressed the DNC. Khan has capitalized on his the fact that his son was killed in US military service as a teflon shield behind which he can attack Mr. Trump. When Trump fights back the media and complicit politicians go nuts for Trump’s supposed insensitivity. It’s Hillary Clinton at her political sleaziest.

Shoebat reveals a connection to the Muslim Brotherhood, with Khan having collaborated with the grandson of the Muslim Brotherhood’s Godfather. Shoebat asks, “So who’s this guy fooling?” He also questions the notion that Khan’s son was defending the US. When Savage asks if Shoebat agrees that Khan’s son was a hero he replies, “Well, no. I don’t agree with that notion at all.” As unpopular as it might be, that’s his opinion and he’s entitled to it.

He cites examples and co-mingles the name of Hillary Clinton’s Muslim Brotherhood-linked spy/aide Huma Abedin into the mix. He also names his own brother as one who served in the military, in his case the Air Force, and is actively anti-American. Shoebat says, “His allegiance is very clearly towards the Islamists and towards the Palestinian cause.”

Savage plays a clip of Khizr Khan in an interview on MSNBC in which he makes a plea for Mitch McConnell to somehow subvert the will of the people and kick Donald Trump out of the race. The Clinton operative Khan told the audience that they are private ordinary American citizens that they participated in the DNC convention just to be part of the tribute to their son? Really, the military-hating Democrats singled their son out, who died three election cycles ago in 2004, to be honored at their convention? Does this lying piece of terrorist trash think we’re all that stupid? The choreography and dishonesty is obvious.

He then goes on to read a letter he sent to each Mitch McConnell and Paul Ryan, both of whom he calls “patriot, decent human beings.” Either he doesn’t understand the definitions of those words, doesn’t know much about either man, or is lying to further the Clinton pro-caliphate agenda.

He goes on to say it’s time to repudiate Trump and basically give the next four years to Obama’s handpicked successor, the criminal traitor Clinton. For what reason? Because Trump dared to speak back to the vicious attacks of this shameless political operative who is standing on the back of his dead son to press an agenda. There is no apology due from Mr. Trump.

Shoebat describes his claims as absolute rubbish and says if Khan were sincere he wouldn’t be aligned with the woman who blew the Middle East into turmoil, destroying the nations of Syria, Iraq and Libya in the process, but rather would be supporting Donald Trump.

They continue the discussion with the downing of a Russian helicopter in Syria by US-armed terrorists, the mess in Turkey including a coup by Erdogan that got virtually no attention and the unprecedented success of the Islamic front in America.

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