Savage – DHS Mobsters Attempting Takeover Of US Elections


Savage speaks to the attempts by the Obama regime to physically occupy and control our elections in November. Savage says of Obama, “He wants a special declaration to the Department of Homeland Security to take charge of the elections in the United States of America. Do you realize what he’s saying? They want an absolute coup.”

Savage equates it to a gang takeover, saying, “If Black Lives Matter took over America and did a thing like this you’d say ‘that’s outrageous, they can’t do that.’ What do you mean they can’t do that, they’re doing it right in front of your eyes.”

“The criminal gang running America has just landed 10,000 Muslim Syrians in the United States of America without a peep from a Congressional figure,” says Savage. “Without a peep from anyone in the media he violated the Constitution, he violated the wishes of the American people, he violated the wishes of Congress, he violated our national security.”

Savage compares the thug Obama to any other criminal, saying, “If you don’t stop them they escalate their acts. You ask any one, it’s like a drug. Criminal behavior is like using drugs. The more you use, the more you need. Obama’s criminal behaviors are an example of a man who is seeking a greater thrill to see what he can get away with next. So he does one thing and there’s no opposition so now he has to escalate his crimes against America. So he escalates it – guess what, no opposition, he doesn’t get a big enough thrill. He has to escalate the crimes against America. So he escalates his actions against America and there’s not a peep of opposition, zero. It’s unbelievable to me.”

Savage notes that Jihadi Jeh Johnson at DHS should have been fired multiple times, labeling as frightening the audacity with which he “has the nerve to say he wants to take over the elections in America.” Calling the Obama gang clever, Savage cites the tactic used to manipulate their way in, the declaration that the election system is a critical infrastructure in need of government “protection.”

He also points out the thinly-veiled death threat against Donald Trump by Hussein Obama’s mobsters in their public assertion that if there is a death of either candidate the election would be suspended. Savage describes that as “basically telling us that if Trump wins they’ll suspend the election because something is going to happen or they’re going to take control of the election to make sure that Trump can’t win. And meanwhile at the same time this is going on there’s no opposition.”

Congress is also corrupt and bought off by those manipulating all elections, including their own that many are now home campaigning in. They wouldn’t want to disrupt their own method of maintaining their position by actually representing the people. It’s safer to appear to be on the side of the voters, make empty promises and accept bribes. We’ve got the race in Arizona in which John McCain defeated a well qualified patriot as evidence that the American people have no representation whatsoever.

The outlaws are running loose and there is no sheriff in town.

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