Savage – Clinton Losing It, Threat Election May Be Stolen, Obama Is Pol Pot


In his introduction of Michael Savage, Steve Malzberg plays the latest clip of an unhinged Hillary Clinton almost shouting at the audience on her video link, scolding them for not having put her up by fifty points over Donald Trump. They’re union people, she’s promised them personal goodies, what more should it take, after all?

Savage has seen it, chalking her bizarre and angry performance up to neurological problems, saying “You have to have a little compassion for her. She’s an elderly woman, she’s sick, she shouldn’t be running for the office but she’s a power-mad woman, as we well know, but there’s so much at stake that she’ll run until the worst possibility could occur. There’s a lot of people saying she’s not making it to the finish line. She’s like an old nag on a race track who people are saying cannot complete the last few laps of that track.”

He contrasts her condition with that of Trump, who in spite of a lousy diet is in quite good physical condition. He points to the organization that is trying to deflect the scandals that surround her, naming some of the more noteworthy, and their inability to turn things around against Trump, try as they do.

Savage notes that Trump is likely to beat Clinton but asks some very troublesome questions. First, will they steal the election with electronic voting, absentee ballots or through the foreign company that does the vote tabulation. He asks, “Where’d that come from?” “Who turned our election ballot counting over to an election company in Spain? Who owns this company? How does this happen? How have we lost our sovereignty in eight years under this gangster criminal in the White House?”

Savage goes on to compare Obama to Cambodian tyrant Pol Pot, noting the many similarities between the two. He also points out a speech by Hillary Clinton before the Congressional racist Black Caucus that took place just before these current riots and how the terrorist attacks committed by the Obama Clinton jihadists have now faded from the spotlight as black racism has taken over media.

He ties the current chaos that the Democrats have fomented in the name of political expediency to that Khmer Rouge under Pol Pot and declares that under Clinton things will get much worse.

Dr. Savage says it’s time for America to recognize that the riots and civil unrest are not happening by accident. They are organized and paid for largely by George Soros, who gave Black Thugs Matter $70 million. He says it has to stop and that there has to be consequences, and that nothing of the sort will happen under this current dictator.

He also warns of the attack on America that will be unleashed by Obama as he is headed out of office. It’s in keeping with the title of his latest book, Scorched Earth.

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