Satan’s Minions Schedule Black Mass On Christian Feast Day

Many American Christians do not subscribe to the notion that the Blessed Virgin Mary, or the Blessed Mother, the Theodokos (Greek for God-bearer), was assumed body and soul into Heaven at the time of her earthly death.  In Catholicism, the event is called the Assumption.  In the east, our bretheren in the Eastern, Greek, and Russian Orthodox churches, the anniversary is known as “Dormition.”  By Sacred Tradition going back centuries, the Feast is celebrated August 15.

In 2016, a group of Satanists in Oklahoma City have chosen that date to stage a demonstration of all that Satanism is on government property.

Amid growing protest Satanists plan to stage a second Black Mass at the public Civic Center Music Hall in Oklahoma City on August 15, 2016. The public sacrilege against God and the Catholic Mass will include the desecration of a statue of the Virgin Mary whose Assumption into Heaven is celebrated that day.
Satanist and registered sex offender Adam Daniels announced that he will invoke Satan through a blasphemous Black Mass followed by a bloody ritual called “The Consumption of Mary,” all performed on city property.

A Black Mass alone is bad enough, but to mock the woman who said to God’s messenger (the Archangel Gabriel), “Behold the handmaid of the Lord; be it done to me according to thy word,” is downright disgraceful.  (Well, at least it should be to all Christians whether one practices Christianity according to the Churches mentioned or not.)

As it happens, Black Masses are not all that out of the ordinary.  Satanists do hold them from time to time (and usually steal a consecrated Host from a Catholic Church to do it).  The mass itself is a mockery of a Catholic Mass – the memorial of the original Holy and Bloodless Sacrifice we Catholics celebrate every day of the year except Good Friday.

Here’s an excerpt from the official press release on Yahoo!:

The Dakhma of Angra Mainyu is presenting an educational experience to the public. This will be a rare opportunity for the public to learn about the philosophy known as Satanism and learn the difference of religious Ahrimanism. Traditional Ahrimanism is a reconstruction of Zoroastrian Daeva worship found within Tantric Hinduism; which Zarathustra demonized the Agohri Shivite practices as part of creating the duality between cosmic order and chaos. The presentation will be split into 2 halves, which will include a religious ceremony and address the subject matter before each rite. The Black Mass, as written by Anton LaVey, will be the first “religious” ritual performed to show how the Satanic Philosophy is atheistic that falls in line with the Colonel ideals of Reason and Deism; combined with the religious mockery, blasphemy, and debauchery that made the Hellfire Clubs so infamous.

The second half of the event will give a detailed lesson on the religious significance of the Goddess Kali Maa. The main focus is on Kali Maa’s protective nature to defend the Devas (Gods) from the Asuras (Demons). The term Asura is the original religious term for angel. The religious ceremony will show direct worship of Kali Maa and allow for the display of Kali Maa to consume the Asura known as St Mary the Virgin. The rite is known as The Consumption of Mary, and will show many aspects of Tantric worship of Kali Maa and Kundalini practices. This ceremony will show spiritual religious actions versus mockery and blasphemy.

TFP’s online petition against the black mass has garnered nearly 148,000 signatures.

At this time, there is a petition with over 100,000 signatures on it aimed at removing the Black Mass from public property.  The local Catholic Archbishop, Paul Coakley of Oklahoma City, has called for all Christians to join in prayer for conversion of those who do not believe.

“In response to this blasphemous event, and the many other acts of hatred and violence happening in our world in recent weeks, I am encouraging the faithful and people of good will to pray together for healing and peace, and for the Lord to watch over our community and protect us from evil and its many destructive and violent manifestations,” the archbishop said Aug. 10.
“I also ask that we pray for the conversion of this man and for all who have not yet come to know the Lord of Life.”

An inter-faith walk will also take place the evening of August 15 in prayerful protest of such blasphemous events happening on government property.

The multi-denominational prayer walk will take place in downtown Oklahoma City Monday at 6pm. It will begin at the Jesus Wept Statue of Saint Joseph’s Old Cathedral and end at the United Methodist First Church for a Christian prayer service.

“As the local government has refused to interfere with this abhorrent blasphemous worship that is being publicly sanctioned in our community, we trust that our government — local, state and federal — will reaffirm its commitment to protect the religious liberty of Christians and other believers as well,” Archbishop Coakley said. “Through the intercession of our Blessed Mother, let us pray together for healing and peace in our country and our world.”

Regardless of whether or not Bible-only Christians subscribe to the theologies of Catholicism and Eastern Orthodox Churches on this topic, the idea that such a mockery of Christianity is scheduled to happen on government property is a disgrace.

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