Sanders – Destroy Economy With Soviet Style Busy Work To Fight “Climate Change”


Bernie Sanders is calling for the complete upheaval of our economy, citing the retooling for World War 2 as a model, all in the supposed name of saving the planet from “the ravages of climate change.” Where are those ravages, exactly, Mr. Austerity? If they’re such an imminent threat why is it that you can’t point to even one specific?

His real goal is to create the associated chaos, which would create a convenient opportunity for him to “do us all a big favor” by eliminating our productive, free, self-determination, self-government and converting us all into employees of the state who go and do exactly as Bernie orders us. That’s the Marxist’s ultimate objective.

His plan is to kill our energy capacity; something the useful numbskulls in the audience were whooping it up about. Maybe they like cold showers in the winter or maybe they just avoid showers altogether. Perhaps they avoid driving and working too. They’re probably some of his many student supporters, those who’ve read about jobs and working but never actually experienced it themselves. They don’t understand the difference between gainful employment and slavery. Bernie’s gonna show em.

Perhaps they think it’ll be cool and earthy to cook with wood, completely oblivious to the deforestation issue they’re creating. Once Bernie forces the new cave people to cook with wood, the axes and chainsaws are going to be everywhere. Of course there won’t be any gasoline to run the chainsaws in a Bernie world or to put into the tank of the truck that would have delivered the wood. We’ll just go solar and not eat at night or on cloudy days. Besides, peanut butter, tofu and meal worms taste almost as good as steaks, chicken and burgers and there’s no smoke.

Did this “harmless old man” ever consider the destructive negative impact on CO2 levels of his anti CO2 programs? The disappearing trees that are being chopped down for use as a coal substitute will no longer be processing CO2 into oxygen, the stuff we breathe. We’re then left with no economy, no energy and the very CO2 he claims is a problem. The life-giving trees that used to process our oxygen for us are now ashes under the grill, but at least there’s no coal ruining our air.

It’s bad enough that Sanders is an anti-American communist; there are enough simplistic morons that would vote for this kind of national suicide to make him potentially quite dangerous. It’s time to raise the voting age – Forty sounds like a good, responsible number.

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