Russia Lists U.S. As Threat

Vladimir Putin

Russia Lists U.S. As Threat

Forget terrorist-laden Syria. It didn’t make Vladimir Putin’s new list of threats to the national security of Russia. The United States, however, did.

Vladimir Putin

Vladimir Putin

Putin spent part of his New Year’s Eve signing a new version of “About the Strategy of National Security of Russian Federation.” His replaces the one signed in 2009. That version did NOT list the US or NATO, both of which are now included.

The document is an appraisal that is designed to function as a basis for planning strategy related to national security by different state bodies. Apparently, Putin wants those bodies focused more on the United States and its allies.

A report by lays out some of the details of the document:

It says Russia has managed to heighten its role in solving global problems and international conflicts. That heightened role has caused a reaction by the West, it says.

“The strengthening of Russia happens against the background of new threats to the national security, which has complex and interrelated nature,” the document says.

Conducting an independent policy, “both international and domestic” has caused “counteraction from the USA and its allies, which are striving to retain their dominance in global affairs.”

That in turn is likely to lead to “political, economical, military and informational pressure” on Russia, the document says.”

Loosely translated it means: “We have been doing whatever we very well please and throwing our weight around, knowing we can get away with it for now, and that is probably going to tick off the United States.”

Putin has already demonstrated his willingness to strike when he perceives weakness. Given this latest revelation, how long will it be before he decides to stretch his military arm our way?

It’s not as though our current Commander-in-Chief intimidates him.


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