Only Role Race Played In Riots Was As A False Pretense By Opportunistic Thugs


There is a fundamental Rule that any white motorist who has the misfortune to wind up surrounded by an exhibition of black outlaw thuggery and stupid, unjustified aggression, or as the people taking part in such hooliganism like to innocently label it “black power,” need to remember that is critical to their survival. Hit the accelerator; don’t give them a chance to make you a victim. If they’re stupid enough to play a game of chicken with your car, that’s their problem. Otherwise everybody inside is at serious risk of injury.

These are mobs acting out in a hateful, racist manner. There was a very limited, unresponsive police presence so it’s every man, woman or child for themselves. The gas pedal is your 911 as well as any firearm you might be carrying for self-defense purposes. Go ahead, Obama, in the face of this mounting race war that you, your DOJ, and surrogates like Al Sharpton have created, tell us why we need to disarm and trust our safety and survival to the invisible, do-nothing police?  They were told by cowardly leadership to back off and to let the mobs harm people in order to minimize the negative publicity.

How is it that black power is a relevant chant or pretext upon which to release their inner savage when a black career criminal is shot while threatening a black police officer with murder? The thug got what he deserved and knew would be the likely outcome. Black power is an excuse to lash out just as it was in the Obama orchestrated Ferguson event.

Thugs love violence and they love free stuff. Riots fulfill both needs. Calling it black power and blaming the police is merely a rallying cry to create sufficient numbers so as to provide protection and intimidate the police leadership into a non-response.

As is clearly evident in the videos, it’s a racist, anti-white event. Yes, contrary to the claims of the media and educators of America, black people can be racists too. Generally their racism is exalted and admired by their enablers so it’s deliberately mistaken for “leveling the playing field,” but it’s not. There no leveling of the playing field involved with a mob of thirty people destroying a car or beating the hell out of some people because they have white skin. Burning down a gas station isn’t power it’s criminal; it’s black crime.

As the moron in the last video and other products of our education system showcase their illiteracy with their use of hood “English,” this ignorant racist trash explains how it’s because of white people that he’s the way he is. He thinks he’s telling us something else, but the situation and his justification of the violent response tell the true tale. It’s because he’s a lazy black person and his parents were likely lazy and “owed” an existence by society as well. It’ not a matter of inherent character traits as there are plenty of successful black people a lot of failing whites who feel society owes them as well.

It’s about setting goals and being willing to work towards them. If anybody ever wondered how fine, upstanding Americans could vote for a criminal, anti-American witch like Hillary Clinton, they just had that question answered. These are not upstanding Americans and they are guaranteed to be supporting the Democrat who gives them the free stuff and money for doing nothing. They don’t have a patriotic or responsible bone in their bodies. They’re with her because she’s got our checkbook open. It’s all about them, just like their candidate.

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