Roger Stone – WikiLeaks Has All Clinton Emails, Will Release


Roger Stone opens with a defense of Trump Campaign Manager Paul Manafort against the false accusations of the New York Times. He spells them out but it’s quickly becoming enough just to say, “It’s the New York Times, what do you expect,” as sufficient to dismiss the claims of the Clinton propaganda mill. He mocks their motto, saying, “All the news that’s fit to print” adding “with a Clinton tint.”

He contrasts that with the ongoing, daily failure of the paper to investigate the criminality of Clinton and the Clinton Foundation, noting that they have established a Clinton Foundation Canada which is unregulated. Maybe that was something Obama helped pave the way for during his “three globalist amigos” summit earlier this year. Despite millions of dollars flowing through that front operation to the Clintons, no mention has been made by the political operation known as the  New York Times.

Stone notes that the attack on Manafort was based on “research” conducted by Clinton co-conspirator and co-espionage agent Sydney Blumenthal, using mobsters and mob tactics. He also reminds us that the supposed involvement of the Russians in the DNC hacking has been proven to be a canard. The hacker Guccifer 2.0 released the documents and then forwarded them on to WikiLeaks to get more exposure. There was no Russian connection.

After noting that the New York Times has also failed to report on the medical conditions that Clinton is attempting unsuccessfully to hide from the American people, Stone is asked by Alex Jones if the NYT is owned by a Mexican drug cartel kingpin. Jones is half right; the owner he speaks of is a Mexican, who is probably opposed to American border security and Trump promising to end Mexico’s legalized rape of America, including the sweet deal TPP.

Stone replies, “No, it is owned by Carlos Slim, who is the largest single donor to the Clinton Foundation and the Clinton Global Initiative. That’s who owns a controlling interest in the New York Times. Which is why you have this assault on Paul Manafort which is really about attacking Trump instead of any investigative journalism about the corruption of the Clintons.

Cory Lewandowski seems to be involved to a degree in the attacks on Manafort as well. Stone reveals, “Within seconds of it being posted last night, it was tweeted online by Cory Lewandowski. So now I think it is fair to say that Lewandowski is in league with Sidney Blumenthal and the Clintons and the New York Times to discredit and hurt the Trump campaign.”

Stone points out from his networked communications that include Julian Assange, “Everything that Huma Abedin and Cheryl Mills, the Clinton aides thought that they had erased on Hillary’s illegal server is in the possession of WikiLeaks. Probably also the Chinese, the Russians, the Saudis and the Israelis, but most definitely in the hands of WikiLeaks. This is political dynamite.”

Stone goes on to detail that he and two of his associates that he works closely with were hacked shortly after the news of his communications became public, but everything was backed up and is recoverable. He speaks to the issue of election fraud and what can be done to safeguard, prevent or minimize the potential damage done.  

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