Roger Stone Organizing Cleveland Protests To Stop Election From Being Stolen By GOP Elites


Trump insider Roger Stone realizes the serious nature of the threat faced by all Americans as we are having our rights as Americans to free and open elections challenged and undermined by the sleazy, corrupt political establishment.

Stone says, “If I have any advice for Trump supporters, rank and file Trump supporters it would be this: Go to Cleveland, come to Cleveland. Don’t let the big steal go forward without massive protests; peaceful, non-violent, massive protests.”

He continues, “So as they used to say, ‘don’t wait for orders from headquarters, ride to the sound of the guns.’  I don’t mean to imply violence in that, I mean ride to where the action will be. We have to let the Republican bosses and the kingmakers and the insiders, and the lobbyists, know that we’re not going to stand for the big steal.”

So if you are a Trump supporter,” he says, “Make plans now. Take a bus, hitchhike, carpool; take a train, fly if you can afford it, we need you in Cleveland.”

Alex Jones calls it, The most political direct action, the most important action in decades, if not in a hundred years, folks. And bottom line, we can talk about his right, you are going to plan to lead, with myself and many others, demonstrations, events, movements, the details won’t be out for a while, but folks, be in Cleveland for the week of that convention. Be there and we are absolutely going to show the world the real power.”

Jones says, “We need five million constitutional Trumpians, Trumpists, to be there so that all the Soros trash and all the filth, the few hundred thousand they’ll have there, are totally dwarfed and the establishment does not dare steal the popular vote from the people. And so we’re going to have more information very, very soon, people can go to the stop the steal website of Roger Stone and get ready.

Jones stresses that Trump is quite aware of what is going on, is not going to tolerate it and is getting a firm footing against it.


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