Roger Stone – Inside Info, Trump Is Right To Raise Cruz – Oswald Questions


Roger Stone notes that the first response by the media to someone blurting out the truth is to immediately go out and label them derisively as a conspiracy theorist. Anyone who believes that the evil that is taking place behind the scenes and increasingly in view is happening through a collection of random acts should have their head examined. These are obviously coordinated and coordination happens by way of conspiracy.

On the topic of the mention of the photos of Rafael Cruz with Lee Harvey Oswald, Stone says, “Even though I think it’s somewhat extraneous, let’s address this. I had an email last night from Judyth Vary Baker, she’s a friend. She’s also indisputably was Lee Harvey Oswald’s girlfriend from 1961 to 1963. She knew Rafael Cruz well. She confirms that he was part of Lee Harvey Oswald’s crew.” He adds, “Also, if one will simply do a computer analysis of the facial aspects in the photo, which yes, appeared in the National Enquirer, but was released by the Warren Commission, with a current photo of Rafael Cruz, it’s a perfect match.”

Jones points out that George H.W. Bush was reportedly involved in quarterbacking the New Orleans CIA operation, so it’s only natural that Ted would be working for the Bush clan. The reason, according to Stone, that Trump raised the point on national television is because he was attacked by Cruz’s dad, the man who appears in the photo with Oswald. Stone says Trump is fearless and if you attack him, “Prepare to get smashed back in the teeth. That’s the way he fights, he’s a brawler. This is not a guy who turns the other cheek.”

Regarding comments Cruz made the previous day that Trump was a kook, a philanderer and a pathological liar, Stone says, “Let me get this straight. The guy who claimed that his wife cashed in her retirement at Goldman Sachs to finance his Senate campaign, and it later turns out that none of that happened, in fact they took a million dollar secret sweetheart loan from Goldman Sachs, he’s calling Trump a pathological liar?”

Oswald is believed to have been in New Orleans doing pro-Castro propaganda work for the group the “Fair Play for Cuba Committee.” Rafael Cruz has admitted and even bragged about his murky Cuban activism history, so it’s no stretch of the imagination for his “talents” to have been recognized by communist organizations.

Was the message that was sent by Trump mentioning Rafael’s involvement with Lee Harvey Oswald the signal to Cruz that more was on the way and what convinced him to end his run and if so, what more is this Canadian who’s hiding his documents hiding from us? Does anyone in Texas want to take a look at Cruz’s history and his connections to Dallas?

Photo is believed to be Rafael Cruz with Lee Harvey Oswald from early 1960s in New Orleans.

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