Roasting Philly: Poor Hothouse Flowers Feel The Heat, What DNC Is NOT DOING

Long hot summer…the heat is on…sweltering…stop me when the message sinks in that it’s HOT HOT HOT in Philadelphia for the DNC convention this week.

One of the main story lines out of the Democratic National Convention today is the heat.  That big dome of hot air that sat over the plains and the midwest last week has arrived on the coast.  With it, come the inevitable complaints.  It’s hot out there.

Uh-huh.  This writer lives in the mid-Mississippi River Valley.  Maybe we’re just used to it, but, uh, complaining about the heat isn’t going to help the situation.

See, the temperature reached 98 degrees and the people at the DNC are…melting.  Specific complaints as described by The Hill include:

  • Having to walk a mile in 98 degree temperatures with a heat index of 109 to get into the venue.
  • Inside the sports arena, as of Monday morning only two food and drink stands were open.
  • Bottled water was selling for $4.50, which is actually about right for stadium offerings, but a lot of people are not used to paying that.
  • Outside, there were only food trucks, and it sounds like they were all in the sun.
  • Water outside for media was made available by their own outlets.
  • The city of Philadelphia actually sent help in the form of medical tents and personnel to the marching area.

Having worked large outdoor events over the years, there is no excuse for this.  Not really.  Every city has event companies that should be able to contract to organize crowds and have contingency plans for extreme weather.  Even the Democratic National Committee should be able to afford them.  That no one thought of this is careless at best, a demonstration of incompetence at worst.  (The venue people didn’t ask, either, I guess.)

What makes this particular situation devastating for the DNC, though, is that all major media outlets are reporting it.

Peeved reporters and editors have taken to Twitter to complain about the event’s disorganization, with some pining for their experience at last week’s Republican National Convention in Cleveland.
Megan Liberman, editor-in-chief of Yahoo News, described the day as “chaos.”
“To be totally objective and nonpartisan: the logistics at DNC are appalling. Squalid hotels, sweltering workspace, no directions. Chaos,” Liberman tweeted.
“Walking thru hot media tents, or walking the mile from Uber drop off to hot media tents, one hears longing for CLE,” Washington Post reporter Philip Rucker tweeted.
Hey, the ultimate insult. The opposition was better organized and had better hotel space.  (One has to wonder if they had golf carts and trams to transport people across the parking lot.  Maybe that’s just a St. Louis thing.)
Adding to all the tensions, of course, is the possibility of severe weather in the form of thunderstorms that always accompanies high temperatures.  The sorts of tents that the media is occupying are not built to withstand high winds.  Say what you want about American media people, but that is dangerous.  It is most irresponsible for the DNC not to have contingency plans for these realities.

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