ROADTRIP! Islamists Explain Why They Are Packed In A Van Driving The Length Of England

Every now and then, the followers of Muhammad and Islam let the rest of us in on their plans.  This week, they posted the evidence on Facebook.  You see, Islam, far from being the sort of revealed religion that attracts followers due to the happiness and balance of the adherents, persuades newcomers with a sort of in your face evangelization that defies the golden rule of Christ, and, therefore, the west.

Well, one group of Allah’s men got in a van and traveled to Birmingham in England to convert the filthy heathen kafir (that would be us non-muslims).  Check out what they had to say about their plans.

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So they are going to invite the people in Birmingham to be with them as they worship Allah and brush off lies about being Catholic. Note that the message is NOT one of peace, but of “true Islam” which is conversion at all costs.  This is what so many people who study Islam day in and day out tell the world is the case, and so many world leaders deny for reasons that are unfathomable to the rest of us.

In their determination to spread the word of Allah and gather converts, this group of relatively young, muslim men are essentially going on tour.  Their tenacity is palpable and their will – so far anyway – to prevail in teaching the way of Islam no matter the consequences is tangible.  After some significant time packed into a van that closely, it will be interesting to find out if the pilgrimage and recruiting efforts are ongoing.

This is what we have to look forward to in the United States with the influx of migrants from muslim countries: evangelization efforts at every farmer’s market, craft fair, and open gathering of the masses.  And we thought the Jehovah’s Witnesses were bad.

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