Rio Olympics Pool CLOSED Until Further Notice! SERIOUS Health Risk Exist!

Rio Olympics Pool CLOSED

Rio Olympics Pool CLOSED Until Further Notice! SERIOUS Health Risk Exist!

Not that it should be a surprise at this point, with all the safety concerns that were in the news before the Olympics started. Or the bad press that has occurred since they have begun. Now the swimming practice at the Rio Olympics have been cancelled, because the water has turned green.

It started a few days ago but divers were told that the water would return to the normal blue color in just a couple hours. That has NOT happened. It has only gotten worse, causing the practice pool to now be closed.


As you can see the water in the two pool has a clear difference!


After days of speculation that the color could be the result of an algae bloom or pollution, an Olympics spokesperson said that it was due to a “decrease in alkalinity.”

On Friday, the Olympics staff said that the pool would need to be closed to recover, meaning divers like the UK’s Tom Daley can’t practice in it.

The committee said on Twitter that the pool needed a break from humans to return to roots:

“As approved by @fina1908, diving training is cancelled b/c the water must be still for the pool to return to its blue color.”

I don’t know about the rest of you, but it seems to me that one really has to wonder how much money quietly found its way into the pockets of a few elitist involved in awarding the games to Rio. These host countries get a good chunk of money to cover the expense of hosting these games… Plenty enough that they should be able to afford enough of the appropriate chemicals to keep the pool water from turning green!




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