Rev Manning – Revolution He Says Now Unfolding, White Uprising Predicted In 2009


Reverend James David Manning plays video of comments he made back in May of 2009 in which he predicted that white people would rise up in response to the abuse being unleashed upon them by the Obama regime and others. He spoke of riots, though was careful to point out he’s not encouraging such things. It’s just what is going to happen, he believes.

The rioters will be white Americans who have been pushed too far, and Manning see Donald Trump as the unifier that the movement needs for the disgruntled masses to combine into the new revolution that is coming and which he now sees taking form.

Manning warns, “I’m telling ya’ll, you’re pushing these white folk and you’re pushing them, your long legged Mack Daddy – You’re going to push people to the point where they’re not going to take it no more.”

He added, “You’re taking their tax money, you’re closing down their jobs, you’re shutting down their banks, you’re telling them what they can and cannot do, you’re giving billions of dollars to acorn, you’re taking their tax money and giving it to people to buy drugs, you’re killing babies and you won’t stop, you’re telling lies and you’re demoralizing our nation, you’re destroying everything that has made this nation great.”

He continues, “White folks getting ready to rise up. They don’t want to take it no more and I’m joining them, I am.” He adds, “They can’t take it no more and who can blame them? I mean who can blame them? To build this nation and then have it given away, just given away, just thrown away, just given away by a long-legged usurper, illegal alien, a man who isn’t even a citizen and everybody in the Congress knows that he’s not a citizen.” Manning says, “I’m telling you white folk are ready to riot and they should be, they should be.”

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