Reservations For KFC? Fast Food Chain Goes “Fine Dining” For Valentines Day


landscape-1455140523-the-soft-drink-sommelier-pours-for-hattie-and-tom-at-the-kfc-date-night-table (1)


For the upcoming celebration of Valentines Day, KFC has you and your date in mind.

They’re pulling off a “Valentine Date Night Table” for couples to experience a first class dinner in their dining area.  The dinner will include all the fancy things you’d experience at a fine French restaurant.  The decor will emphasize the special occasion with an “all heart” atmosphere.

If you’re lucky enough to land a reservation, you’ll be treated to a truly luxurious service. Think of eating with real linen napkins laid upon red and white linen tablecloths, a silver candelabra, flowers on the table and a sommelier to pour your Pepsi.  (Sommelier is a french word for someone who waits on your table and serves you your drinks and meal.)

KFC says they decided to try out table service after their study revealed that 38% of couples prefer a laid back meal over a fancy dinner. The couple will share the best of both worlds with this witty offer.  It’s “finger-lickin good”!

They also found that 50% of 18-24-year-olds wanted a surprise on February 14th.  This event would surly be a surprise for that special Valentine of yours.  (The price is right too.)  

To every story there’s an ending.  This one has a sad one I’m afraid, but not devastatingly sad.

The deal is, the special table’s only in the trial stages this time around.  You won’t be able to enjoy the “fine dining” experience in sharing a  romantic bucket of fried chicken this Sunday. Only if you live in Fishergate, Preston, that is.  This is the place where they’ll be trying out the “date table” for the first time.

If this experimental stage of the Valentines Day “date night table” goes over big, than KFC will offer reservations all throughout the country for everyone.

I’ll bet that when this happens, you’ll be treated like a king! Chicken – A – La – King, and it’s “finger licken good”!  Bone appetit!

H/T:  Cosmopolitan