Republican Convention Getting Security Help From This Group Of Patriots Whether They Want It Or Not

Heading into the convention phase of the 2016 presidential election season, the flames of racial tensions are being fanned.  With the bellows in constant motion, the great fear for the Republican National Convention is that security going into and out of the convention hall is going to be a nightmare for the delegates.

One group of patriotic Americans that anyone with a brain will not mess with has stepped up, and will be in Cleveland to help keep the streets more civil.  They are “Bikers for Trump” and they recognize – as do so many millions more out here on the fruited plain – that 2016 is the most important election in our lifetimes.  From Breitbart:

“We will be there to make sure that the delegates are allowed to exercise their right to peacefully assemble,” Bikers for Trump organizer Chris Cox told Breitbart News in an exclusive interview. “We’ve seen how these paid agitators have thrown eggs and gotten violent at other Trump events around the country and we’re not going to put up with it.”

Cox emphasized that Bikers for Trump weren’t looking for trouble at the convention. “Veterans are the backbone of the biker community,” Cox continued. “We are patriots and unlike Black Lives Matter and the other leftist idiots, we love our cops. You won’t find one biker in Cleveland jumping on cars, lighting fires, or doing any of the other stupid things we’ve gotten used to seeing on TV the last few months.”

And when it comes to hand to hand combat in relation to security, veterans know what they are doing.  (How many of the paid agitators have ever worked security?) Given the reality that veterans actually volunteered their lives to ensure the rights of other Americans, one would think that the city of Cleveland would be grateful for their volunteering to help with security, albeit unofficially.  Alas, no.

None of the bikers Breitbart News spoke with wanted to say how many would attend. “The city of Cleveland gave us a hard time with our permits and so we haven’t really counted how many people are coming,” Cox said. “It’s probably better because I want to work with all the other people who are drawn to be there. I’ll be meeting with the secret service and the state and local police to let them know what we’re all about.”

Any one with a rudimentary knowledge of how Black Lives Matter is financed, operated, and agitated via messaging of both the mainstream media and social media can insert the conspiracy theory of their choice when it comes to a Democratically controlled city giving bikers a hard time about getting permits to assemble on the streets.

Bottom line, though, is that Bikers for Trump have stepped up and will be a counter to the expected protesting that has become a hallmark of the 2016 election process.

Big Jim of Riders USA laid out what’s at stake in his letter:

We will fight, or we will comply. Everybody talks a good game. Everybody gets pissed off and pounds their chest. But very few people ever show up to fight. Like I said, the opposition wants it more than we do. Otherwise we would show up. Nothing could stop us. I am only one man. I can’t do much by myself, and I can’t afford to go. But I will be there.If we succeed in Cleveland, dealing with Hillary will be easy. If we lose in Cleveland you might as well get used to the smell of her ass, because you will be kissing it to survive. We have an opportunity to stand for freedom.What are we going to do.

Writer’s note: don’t know about anyone else, but I’ll pass on sniffing or kissing Hillary’s ass.

Having really only met bikers on the open road in the west and being pleasantly surprised at their kindness, patriotism, and good old American salt of the earth spirit, offering this service to the people is most appreciated.  Probably not by the globalists, elitists and Cleveland officials all looking forward to a full security breakdown and chaos, but from the rest of us: THANK YOU!

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