Reporter Who Claimed Assault By Trump Campaign Exposed? Gone From Fox


Michelle Fields, the woman who formerly worked for Breitbart as a reporter, who claimed she was roughed up by Corey Lewandowski, Donald Trump’s campaign manager, has apparently now been fired from her weekend job at Fox News.

Fields filed a police report claiming battery against the Lewandowski and went on Fox News with a sob story for Megyn Kelly, describing how not since the death of her father had she had to deal with anything go difficult.

As she was spreading her tale around the nation, Ben Shapiro sided with Fields against their employer at Breitbart, Steven K. Bannon, and quit his job in a show of solidarity.  That may not have been a decision based upon all of the evidence as apparently there was enough information to lead some of the Fox higher ups to believe there were problems with the tale that Fields was weaving.

Mark Dice posted two interesting and revealing reports over the last two days, one prior to the loss of her position with the “Cashinin” program and one today in the wake of her separation. The longer video includes some background on fields, including her childhood as a spoiled rich brat from Hollywood.

Dice describes his small but puzzling bit of a history with Fields as well, with her making similar claims about him. Although there was no physical contract alleged, she certainly does seem to have a penchant for over-blowing incidents and making reckless, unsubstantiated claims.

Once again it appears that Donald Trump’s instincts proved to be correct. While it doesn’t rise to the level of invading Iraq, Lewandowski is a critical part of his team. It’s good to know that your boss has your back and that loyalty works both ways.

A little background provided by the video from the previous day, before she and Fox News parted ways.

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