Reid Assault On Donald Trump Shows They Are Worried


It’s great the Harry Reid is attacking Donald Trump in the vicious manner that he is; it says a lot of positive things about Mr. Trump. Excluding the Clintons, Reid is arguably the most corrupt, nasty and treacherous politician outside of the Obama White House. In comments made at the George Soros- funded Center for American Progress, an organization which was started by Hillary Clinton’s current campaign chairman John Podesta, Reid fired at Trump and the Republicans.

He launched broad, subjective accusations without any supporting evidence, in the typical Democrat manner, constructed as personal attacks against the character of the candidate. This comes from a Democrat Party that has a lying spy who got Americans and many others killed and threw the Middle East into turmoil as a candidate and whose current outlaw occupant of the White House is totally eviscerating our laws and our Constitution. No Democrat politician is in a moral position to throw stones at anyone. The fact that they are immoral removes that restriction, so they do as they please.

Reid has selective ignorance, which he utilizes in conjunction with his selective outrage. The ignorance is directed at the Democrats, the outrage at the Republicans and Trump in particular. Reid completely ignores the lawbreaking on the part of the Democrats, calling those that Trump identifies as being in the country and being a problem “immigrants.” They are illegal immigrants, as we all, including mush mouth Harry Reid, know. The illegal component is the basis for Trump’s call for their removal. Race has nothing to do with it. Reid pretends that distinction doesn’t exist so he can misrepresent the truth and play the race, bigot card but it is at the very heart of the matter.

He showcases his fear by declaring the Republican Party to be the Party of Trump, taking a few bites out of his tongue as he says, “For too long Senator McConnell and Speaker Ryan have tried to have it both ways. Giving Trump occasionally a slap on the wrist, each time he says something detestable, but always committing to supporting him at the end of the day.”

Reid got the snot knocked out of him and it’s easy to see why by an “exercise machine,” probably for himself saying something detestable. It looks like he might be pushing it again. McConnell and Ryan can’t control Trump and they certainly haven’t supported him. They should, and would if they weren’t purchased by the same people that own Reid, including the sponsors of his speaking engagement. They are co-owned which raises the question, what kind of framework is Reid laying? What action is he setting up for McConnell and Ryan?

He says, “It’s exactly the type of moral cowardice that enabled the rise of Trump.” The little worm doesn’t want to acknowledge that it is actually the American people who are rising up through Trump. Reid’s resentment is to the challenge to his power and that of the corruption that he serves.

Reid incorporates a list of distortions into his assault on Trump. He starts with accusing him of attacking women. It’s not the criminal, physical kind of attacks that the husband of his candidate engaged in and they both covered up. He’s talking about the imaginary, politically incorrect kind. He says Trump has insulted veterans, evidently a reference to John “Songbird” McCain, [illegal] immigrants, and that reporter with the disability which Trump denied he was mocking.

Reid acknowledges that Americans are being assaulted and taunted with racial slurs at his rallies but fails to mention it is his host at the event, George Soros, who is behind the taunts and assaults. It is the innocent everyday citizens and Donald Trump who are the victims, not the hood rat BLM and Moveon instigators.

One instance of violence against a black agitator who was flipping off the crowd at a North Carolina event is considered to be “disturbing regularity” by Reid, whose selective ignorance has kicked in again; he missed all of the punches thrown by the black agitators in Chicago.

Mush mouth says there’s no gray area and that it is time for Senamaconaenspekaryan [sic] to find the backbown [sic] to say enough Trump, enough. It’s time for Reid to find a speech coach or to just say enough. He mumbles out a recommendation that McConnell and Ryan not support Trump, which is exactly what the Democrats would hope would be the action to counter a candidate that is stealing their party members at an alarming rate. They want Trump to self destruct and will do whatever they can, including trotting out the one-eyed fossil, to make it happen.

Reid adds, “Clearly the nation cannot rely upon conservative to respond responsibly to Donald Trump.” What is clear is that the people are breaking free of their shackles, the establishment has lost control they know it, and they are scared. They have good reason to be.

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