Referring To A Man As A Man Is A Crime If He’s Pretending He’s A Woman


How did it get to be that one person’s delusion or mental condition about their gender has to be embraced by all of those they come into contact with as a reality that it is not? Even more absurd and frightening to those still anchored to life in the real world is the fact that there can be serious legal ramifications for failing to deny the truth by playing along with the charade.


Bolton is former mill town located in Greater Manchester in North West England. One of the city council members, Zoe Kirk-Robinson, is a man who claims that he “transitioned” from male to female ten years ago. He’s all butt-hurt because another councilman used the appropriate male pronoun to reference him.

There’s more to being a woman than long hair, a unisex name, heels and a pantsuit and presumably more to a transition. As long as it’s obvious or even suspected that he might be a man can he really claim to have transitioned? He’s cross dressing, role-playing or something along those lines, okay, more power to you buddy. It’s your right and your life. But don’t expect others to share your fantasy or even to give a darn. You’re not transitioning into a woman but if that’s what you want to believe, knock yourself out. Even Bruce Jenner still looked like a man after surgery and pills.

The nature of the crime that Kirk-Robinson is accusing former Bolton mayor Guy Harkin of committing is that of “misgendering,” him repeatedly, something he describes as a personal attack. Failing to share in his delusion is not an attack, it is an observance of the reality of the situation. He could play along if he so chose to, but how can he be legally required to deny the truth? Apparently he can in jolly old England, as the Manchester Police are investigating the incident as a hate crime.

This world truly is upside down and perversion is the new normal. All of the Looney Tunes in power that are accusing Harkin of the horrific crime of “misgendering” should have the sense to realize that had he addressed the man Kirk-Robinson as a female, he would have then been misgendering and that Robinson is actually misgendering himself.

In keeping with what is the typical response of the left to being called on their lunacy and hypocritical projections, the sexually confused man went on offense, taking the position that he is the normal one and those clinging to reality are defective – “transphobic” for opting not to join him in his fantasy.

Robinson tweeted “I can’t say I’m surprised at his behavior but I had hoped that Bolton’s leading political group wasn’t transphobic.” He also tweeted, “I will be calling on Bolton Labor Group to denounce his behavior. Bolton does not welcome transphobia.”

Harkin isn’t exhibiting a phobia, he’s not afraid of the “trans-dude” aside from the potential legal consequences. How about a new label, something like “trans don’t give a crap” or “trans just shut the hell up” to describe their unwillingness to pretend he’s something he isn’t and that he’s nothing more than an annoying and desperate little man seeking attention in any way possible.

Robinson posted a video blog saying, “If I’m truthful, it hurt a lot. The guy had no reasons to ever suggest that I was male, he has never met me as a male. I transitioned over 10 years ago and I have lived in Bolton for seven, going on eight years, he never met me before I transitioned.”

If Robinson really wants to be truthful, he’ll have to admit he’s the one denying reality, not the ex-mayor. As for Harkin having “no reasons to ever suggest that” Robinson was male, the reasons are everywhere. Pick up a mirror, Mr. Robinson.  And the fact that you started pretending to be a woman before he met you is meaningless. Go ahead, look in the mirror.

The motivation behind Robinson’s attack on Harkin becomes clear when you realize he prides himself as “A campaigner for gay and transgender rights,” and a “hate crime ambassador” who is part of a local police-council partnership. He’s looking for an issue and a little notoriety, pressing his cause of forcing people to submit to his declarations of falsehoods as truth. It’s about licensing himself to control the actions of others, a manifestation of the typical liberal left’s power addiction.

Kirk-Robinson admitted he has gotten the police involved, saying, “The incident has been referred to Greater Manchester Police, and therefore is now out of my hands. As a hate crime ambassador, I always urge people to report hate crime when it occurs and I will continue to do so.” In other words, don’t mess with him. Avoid a problem and give him whatever he wants; he’s going to start demanding special favors.

Harkin, 69, insists that the use of the “wrong” correct pronoun to reference Robinson was accidental and not intended as an attack. He said, “I was utterly unaware of this slip of the tongue until it was pointed out to me the day after the meeting. “I offered immediately to apologize as there is not a homophobic or any kind of phobic bone in my body.”

It’s not about you, Mr. Harkin, it’s about power; you’re just a tool the leftist is using to get what he wants.

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