Re-TRUMP-licans: The New Political Uprising

The New Political Uprising

The candidate most experts predicted would fizzle out months ago is still breaking records. Donald Trump has become a political juggernaut.

Don’t mistake me. He’s not my first choice, but I get the appeal. crowd

Americans are tired of timidity, completely over a culture of cowardice, pushed to their limits by pacifism and political correctness,  and annoyed with an administration of apologizers.

Trump is the first candidate to tell the PC police to kick rocks and people LOVE him for it.

His willingness to tackle controversial issues head on has the once-repressed passion of the people riled up. He doesn’t dodge his critics and it comes off as confidence.

Trump’s “tell it like it is” manner has set him apart from others running. His unapologetic ways are addictive to those worn out by being told “thou shalt not” by the government.

The citizens of this country have been starving for a confident leader and now that one has been presented, they are voracious. Their appetite is not going to be sated by anything less.

It’s not his policies. He doesn’t speak in specifics. (If you’re bored, count how many times he uses general terms like “many” or “a lot.”) It’s the bravado behind his ideas.

Trump has become an ideal and ideals are hard to beat. What would be campaign-killers for anyone else become marks in his favor.  The more outlandish his words and his actions, the more transcendent he becomes.

He now has a die-hard fan base that doesn’t identify with either political party. For lack of a better term, they are “ReTrumplicans.”

They are Republican voters fed up with elected officials too afraid to do what they believe in. They’re independents and moderate democrats being drawn to the surety in Trump’s speeches.

His critics may chalk it up to emotionalism, but a President elected on emotion is still the President.

After years of invertebrates in office, Trump’s gutsy persona is drawing voters like moths to a flame.

He has struck a nerve and given the American people the desire to tell the establishment “You’re fired!”

© 2016 Vianna Vaughan