Fake Boyfriend Rescues Rape Victim

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Rape Victim Saved By 911 Dispatcher


Daeontae Smith should be up for an honorary Oscar. Smith is a 911 dispatcher near Clayton County, Georgia. Early Monday he received an extremely disturbing call.

A woman had been kidnapped and was being assaulted. Her abductor instructed her to call her boyfriend in order for him to hear her being raped.

photo: foxnews

Daeontae Smith photo: foxnews

Instead, she managed to get through to 911 and Smith, quick on the uptake, played along. He pretended to be her boyfriend while also contacting police. Dispatcher Smith remained on the line and the woman was able to relay her location to him.

“You have to improvise. When you’re dispatching, not everything is going to be written down, not everything is black and white.” The dispatcher, Daeontae Smith told Fox5Atlanta “Just go with the flow, that’s all you could do.”

Approximately 5 minutes after Smith gave police the victim’s location officers were on-scene at the closed adult novelty store where she was being held.

Clayton County police officer Maj. Joe Woodall told reporters “They were able to stop it right then and there and snatched him.” Police were able to catch the assailant in the act.

Identified by WSBTV.com as 27 year old Robert Giles, the attacker  faces charges of false imprisonment, rape, and obstruction.

Equipment used by emergency dispatchers allows them to keep a 911 call active while contacting law enforcement on another line. The emergency call is not put on hold, only momentarily muted, so that is no interruption or chance of cut off.

This allowed Smith to continue to play the role of the victim’s boyfriend without alerting the attacker that he was in contact with police.

Thanks to Daeontae Smith’s quick thinking, and his apparent theatrical abilities, he is being credited with possibly saving the life of the female who placed the 911 call.

Academy of Motion Pictures, take note. We have a nomination for performance of the year.


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