RANT: No, Joy Reid, In Orlando, The “Core Issue” Is Not Access To Guns

That’s it.  After Orlando, this writer has had enough.  Every time we turn around in the United States, and there is a mass-murder crime either thought out or not using firearms, the same tired, and untrue mantra comes out of some liberal’s mouth.  This time it was MSNBC’s Joy Reid, and she said:

MSNBC host Joy Ann Reid reacts to the Orlando gay nightclub massacre on Sunday’s Meet the Press, calling the “core issue” not “international terror,” but “how easy it is to get a gun.”

“We have mass casualty shootings that are affecting children, teachers, people in church,” Reid said. “Whether it’s a hate crime or whether it’s related to something — to international terrorism, we’re not getting to the core issue, which is how easy it is to get a gun.”

Reid did acknowledge that there happens to be law-abiding gun owners, “but we are not talking about that issue.”

“Florida happens to have the largest gun-owning population in the country and some of the most lax laws as to how you can get your hands on even an assault rifle,” Reid said. “So if you mean to do harm, you know, we are talking about a state with 1.4 million, law abiding, obviously, gun owners, but we are not talking about that issue.”

“Right now the only debate that is taking place in the state of Florida is the Supreme Court weighing whether to allow complete open carry so that people can actually visibly show firearms on the streets of Florida. So we’re having a debate that is so disconnected from the real fears, the fears of people like me, who are afraid to have their kids out in the world not just because of criminals, but also because of a deranged person,” Reid said.

With her words, Reid refutes her own argument, as the state of Florida has the highest number of law abiding gun owners, and this is one of the few – if not the only – incidents of its sort in the state.

No, this issue here is not access to guns, it is:


THAT, Ms. Joy Reid, in a country founded on the very principles of respect for human life, liberty, property, and an individual’s choice of how to pursue happiness is, to borrow a religious word, an anathema.  There simply is no other way to put it.  In the United States, what stops everyday, law abiding Americans from taking out a weapon and either shooting or stabbing another person when there is a disagreement or conflict with someone else’s value system is respect for the life of that person.  That, through all the differences in religion, politics, lifestyle, sexual orientation, etc., is the common thread.

It is true in the United States that we have a serious violent crime problem.  In the places where gun control is the strictest, the casualty rates are the worst.  (See Chicago.)  In this writer’s own home city, gun violence is on the uptick.  However, if there was not the element of lack of R-E-S-P-E-C-T for fellow human beings and their property, would that violence exist?  There will always be a portion of the human population that does not respect others even with strong community values influencing the culture, but the truth is, as the American populace has fallen away from the very institutions and ideals that gave us respect for human life, the violence has gotten and will only continue to get worse.

How the shooter in the Orlando case came to not respect human life is an important point.  All evidence points to the man being a member of a “religion” that is evangelized via the sword, where non-believers are not loved – unlike those in, say Christianity – but thought of as less than animals.  Respect for anything other than the hardest core religion for the followers like Omar Mateen, the Orlando gay nightclub shooter, simply does not exist.  And that includes music, dancing, and sexual orientations that are not natural.  For those things, followers of Mateen’s faith, Islam, are not tolerant at all.

Before the rest of us grab that thought with any sort of smug superiority, though, ask yourself just how much respect for life is with us for the unborn, those warehoused in nursing homes, people with mental illness and true disabilities. And then ask yourself where any lack of such respect starts. The answer might be surprising.

And so, Ms. Reid, the call for tighter gun laws falls on deaf ears when the person hearing that specific cry knows beyond a shadow of a doubt that it is not the weapon that respects or doesn’t respect other people’s lives and their belongings, but the shooters themselves.

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