Racism Mentor Obama – Celebrate Blackness, Organize, Agitate And Vote


Most of the time when Hussein Obama talks his words can be dismissed as lies, it’s his actions that are more worthy of our attention. The recent speech he gave at the Howard commencement was one of those rare instances where his words actually are worth listening to as he’s revealing or confirming his racism and his black preference agenda.

Obama starts off being cute, supposedly thrilled that “he’s somebody now” because he got an honorary degree but that immediately shifted into his racial celebration of blackness. He notes there’s many ways to be black and to celebrate it as well as reminding them that anything goes sexually.

He tells them that by virtue  of the fact that they are a black person doing something, makes whatever they’re doing a black thing. Breathing is a black think, as is stealing boxes of Swisher Sweets from convenience stores.

He tells the graduates that black people are united in one thing, their awareness of injustice and struggle, carefully chosen words to describe white privilege and bigotry. The Democrat says they can’t be ignorant of history, but doesn’t bother to mention the Democrat role in opposing the 1964 Civil Rights act and movement or their historic links with the KKK and the fact that Lincoln was a Republican. Some history is better left unlearned.

Adopting his South Carolina preacher accent, Obama the community agitator says, “We cannot meet the world with a sense of entitlement,” completely contradicting himself.

He says “We can’t walk by a homeless man without asking why a society as wealthy as ours allows that state of affairs to occur.” Maybe he’s just a veteran, Obama. If he were an illegal he’d be in a luxury apartment somewhere, at taxpayer expense. The message is one of expanding social programs, to create the nanny state.

He goes on to promote his criminal preference agenda and his other community organizing to this “entitled” group he’s indoctrinating. The guy in the robe is dangerous. Didn’t he use to wear a hood?

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