Quick Thinking KIDS Help Cops Capture Criminals- You Have To See What They Did!

Kids help cops catch criminals

Quick Thinking KIDS Help Cops Capture Criminals

A group of kids was on an Easter egg hunt on Good Friday when things took an unexpected turn.

While hunting for treats in Surrey, the children’s attention was diverted by a helicopter overhead.

That is not unusual.  Kids are fascinated by planes and helicopters.

What was out of the norm, was that this one belonged to the National Police Air Service and it was circling the field that they were searching in.

The sharp eyed children also noticed two men running across the other end of the field.

Kids help cops catch criminals

Kids help cops catch criminals

Realizing that the men were trying to escape the view of the police helicopter, one of the youngsters sprang into action.

The child directed his friends to join him in forming a giant, human arrow that would be visible from the air. They positioned the “arrow” so that it pointed in the direction that the men had fled.

Law enforcement officers inside the aircraft saw the signal. They radioed to units on the ground who shifted their search accordingly.

It turns out that the two men the kids spotted were wanted for burglary. The surrey police had called in the chopper to assist in locating them.

The burglars were quickly apprehended after the officers following the kids’ hint.

“The swift action taken by the group was the sort of thing you would usually associate with an Enid Blyton adventure but their ingenuity proved a great help for our crews,” stated NPAS Sergeant Paul Sochon.

“As a thank you for their efforts,” he added “the NPAS crew landed nearby to thank the children for the role they played in the incident and they even shared a few chocolate treats with the team, which was an added bonus after a busy shift.”

Children like this renew hope for the next generation. With their quick wits and their willingness to help they can not only point to, but are headed in, the right direction.

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source: MSN