New Reports Of Protester Shot In Head By Police As Charlotte Erupts

Protester Shot

New Reports Of Protester Shot In Head By Police As Charlotte Erupts


Michael McBride, who describes himself on Twitter as a pastor, has tweeted that he has received information from a demonstration in Charlotte, NC, informing him of the death of one of those demonstrating following the police shooting of Keith Lamont Scott. According to his information, the protester was shot in the head.

In the information he received, also by way of tweet, the witness reported, “shot in head by Charlotte police tonight. I was about ten feet away when it happened. It was an AMBUSH by the police. Please get the word out!”

McBride questioned him if it was confirmed, to which his source replied, “Yes, I was right there.”

Not discounting the likelihood of someone being shot in the protests and the need for a full investigation to be conducted if that is the case, it is unlikely that police would ambush protesters in what is already an extremely volatile situation. That just doesn’t make any sense, even if they were racists out to kill black people just for sport, which they’re not.

A black man may have been killed and it may have been either a black or white officer who pulled the trigger. It also may have been justified. The officer who shot Scott was a black man who states he was dealing with a life or death decision. It is unlikely that they events happened as the witness described. Whether cooler, more thoughtful heads are able to prevail is a whole other issue.

Unfortunately, the truth may not matter at first, when emotions and volatility are high.

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