Protests Ensue After Police Kill Another “Gentle Giant”, But Guess What the Media Isn’t Telling You?



Here we go again folks! Another lifelong criminal was shot and killed by police and Black Lives Matter racists are getting ready to riot once more. Alton Sterling, a 37-year old man who sold CDs, was shot and killed by a Baton Rouge police officer Tuesday morning outside a convenience store on North Foster Drive.

An anonymous person called 911 at 12:35 am and said that a man in a red shirt selling C.Ds pointed a gun at him  and threatened to kill him. When police arrived Sterling was combative and wrestled with the officers.

In a 48-second cellphone video captured by a bystander shown below, the officer can be heard saying,

“Get on the ground! Get on the ground!” 

The officers first attempted to use a taser on Sterling, but he would not go down. Finally, the officers are able to pin Sterling down, but that is when one officer announced that Sterling had a gun.

“He’s got a gun! Gun,” an officer says, prompting the lawman closest to the camera to draw an object from his holster.

“You f*****g move, I swear to God,” says an officer, before the second officer, farther from the viewer, is seen pointing a weapon down at the man’s chest.

There’s a flash from that officer’s weapon, accompanied by the sound of shots.

A witness confirmed that Sterling WAS in fact armed with a gun, and that same gun was found at the scene.

Family and friends have already come forward calling Sterling a “gentle giant”, claiming he would be too scared to fight with police.

Here is what the media is NOT telling you….

STERLING IS A VIOLENT SEX OFFENDER! State records show he was convicted in 2000 of carnal knowledge of a juvenile after having sex with a girl under the age of 17, and was released from prison in 2004. Details of that case were not immediately available.

Sterling also had convictions for aggravated battery, criminal damage to property, unauthorized entry and domestic abuse battery. He was sentenced to five years in prison in 2009 for possession of marijuana with the intent to distribute and carrying an illegal weapon with a controlled dangerous substance.

Gentle giant? I think not.


To see Sterling’s entire arrest record click HERE

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