He Promised To Empty Gitmo – His Terrorist Brothers Demand It


The number one terrorist enemy of the United States is attacking, engineering a huge jailbreak of his fellow jihadists from American custody. That terrorist, Hussein Obama, released fifteen of his Islamic brothers today from US custody in Gitmo. At the same time he was committing that act of treason against America, Obama approved nineteen more for release in the near future.

We’re supposed to believe that these thirty-four terrorists, the worst of the worst, suddenly decided to change their ways. They all had the same epiphany at the same time, deciding that they really don’t want to kill Americans any longer. For some unknown reason that group change of heart happened to coincide with the end of the Obama regime. All of them, at the same time, had a change of heart, a complete reversal of ideology. You’d have to be an idiot to buy that load of crap and as such, the idiots in Congress are just letting him walk all over them. It’s almost as if we can hear them shouting “death to America” along with him and his newly freed posse.

Obama doesn’t bother to proclaim that he’s a Christian any more. He’s proven irrefutably that despite his denials, he’s an Islamist. But Obama is not just any run of the mill terrorist. He’s one of the Islamic world’s most prolific benefactors, providing terrorists cover to invade the United States as refugees with United States citizenship, as students and other visa holders with no follow up against visa overstays, and across our vast, unguarded border in which they can waltz right in. Dancing is permitted as long as it’s for a good cause, like jihad on the great Satan.

The supposed point of Obama closing Gitmo, to deny the terrorists a recruiting tool, is absurd. He’s setting his comrades free so they can return to the fight. Obama cannot close the prison without Congressional approval and they have made it clear that such consent will not be forthcoming, at least giving the appearance of resistance. Donald Trump has also stated that if he is elected president, Gitmo will remain open and we will return to mining human intelligence, meaning it will soon be filling back up.

The reporter indicates that dictator Obama may be planning to issue executive orders to move the worst terrorists to American soil. Congress has forbidden it, but he doesn’t listen to insects. Dictators do as they please.

Everything about Obama is a lie. There is no mystery as to why he is emptying Gitmo. His loyalties lie with the terrorists and the Islamic nations from which they come. America is his enemy. The true mystery that Congress cannot answer is why they have not already made Obama a Gitmo inmate, locked him up inside it and thrown away the key.

They’re content to ride out the next six months and allow Obama to inflict any type of damage upon our nation that he chooses. He’s half black, we must remember. They don’t want to be accused of racism at election time. They’d rather be traitors; the media let’s them get away with that.

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