Project Veritas Video #3 – HILLARY Wanted All Her Ducks In A Row And Broke The Law To Do It

Remember back a ways in the 2016 election campaign when there were people dressed as Donald Duck hanging out at Donald Trump rallies with signs that said, “DONALD DUCKS”?  Specifically, they were discussing Trump not releasing his tax returns, but where the actual slogan and tactic came from is rather fascinating.  Hillary Clinton herself came up with that, and one of her SuperPACs – in a blatant violation of campaign law – made it happen.

“In the end, it was the candidate, Hillary Clinton, the future president of the United States, who wanted ducks on the ground,” says Creamer in one of several exchanges. “So, by God, we would get ducks on the ground.”

It is made clear that high-level DNC operative Creamer realized that this direct coordination between Democracy Partners and the campaign would be damning when he said: “Don’t repeat that to anybody.”

This is a statement included in the latest undercover video from James O’Keefe of Project Veritas.  This third video outlining the corruption and deceit of the Democratic Party and the Hillary Clinton Campaign for president is below for your viewing.

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This writer agrees with the reporters.  The Donald Duck gimmick was silly.  (Stupid, really, but then Hillary Clinton is a lawyer, not a public relations or advertising creative staffer.)

However, what the incident goes to show is just how intertwined the effort to get Hillary Clinton into the White House really is.  There are lines being crossed that are not supposed to be crossed.  Period.  The political action committees are not supposed to be taking orders or “clearing” their messaging with either of the national party committees.  That’s not their place in the food chain, and yes, this does smack directly of collusion.  The trademark and copyright issues would have been a red herring, and a side show, regardless of Disney and ABC wigging out about something that most Americans would roll their eyes to even think about.

Rigged, crooked, wrong – use any modifier in the thesaurus, and it all adds up to the same thing: law and legality means nothing to the Democrats or the Clintons.  It’s for the little people.

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