Project Veritas Video Exposes Systemic Democratic Racism

Project Veritas

Every video that James O’Keefe’s Project Veritas releases is a bombshell for someone.  With his latest offering, “Major Hillary Donor Inside Dem Fundraiser: Blacks Are “Seriously F***ed in The Head,”” O’Keefe exposes the overt racism expressed in private by some of Hillary Clinton’s most ardent supporters.

The undercover segments feature Benjamin Barber, a donor to Democratic candidate for Senate Deborah Ross, who also has some racist – and patently untrue – things to say.  Their words are then shown in video form to black pastors who are active in the Civil Rights movement.  It’s amazing what happens when the truth comes to light.

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It is stunning to think that politicians and those who are politically connected are so depraved that they will use Americans against their own self interests to gain power and prestige. The entire idea that women and minorities do not have identification is absurd on its face and illogical considering in this country we all must have state issued photo IDs to work, and to receive federal benefits.  And, after all, that is what civil rights is all about in the end.  And then to compare blacks doing the dirty work for Democrats to Sonderkommandos, is just an insult.

project veritas

Without getting too deep in the weeds about rage and resentment, it is very obvious from the way these Democrats and Democratic operatives talk about blacks, or African-Americans, that their loyalty is assumed.  President Johnson’s Great Society is still considered to be the leash that keeps them in the Democratic fold even if they are constantly voting against their self interest.  That is just nasty.

No, this Project Veritas video does not feature any of the current regime in charge or the Hillary Clinton people.  The people in it, though, are indicative of the atmosphere inside the Democratic Party.  They pigeonhole Americans into labeled constituencies and assume that they will be loyal thanks to the goodies handed out and lip service to their project veritascultural pathologies.  If that isn’t racist and sexist, the definition needs to be changed.

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