Pro-Trump Business Owner Gets Last Laugh After Hillary Fan Goes off the Rails!..

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People wonder why Hillary Clinton supporters are so angry and unstable. As business owner Mike Makowski from Concordville, Pennsylvania just found out, it seems like it’s only getting worse as the election draws near . Luckily, Makowski decided to crank up the volume on an obnoxious social justice warrior who couldn’t stand the site of his Trump sign, and friends across social media are loving it!

Mike Makowski from Concordville Pennsylvania,  the owner of a mulch business posted a Trump campaign sign at his business. After he got a nasty call from an crazed Hillary supporter, he made a couple of interesting modifications to his campaign sign presentation. Makowski welded a metal framed “jail cell” together and added a replica of Hillary Clinton in a jail uniform.

Makowski got a recorded message from a woman who was too afraid to identify herself and here is what she said: “I’m a long-standing customer and client of yours. I buy quite a bit of mulch every year … I was very much insulted by your overkill with the Donald Trump sign. You have lost me as a customer. I don’t know what the sign is going to do for you other than the fact that you are bringing your political view into your business. Not only will Donald Trump lose, but Donald Trump has cost you a very large customer and client.”

Makowski answered this alleged “very large customer and client” by making sure the crazed woman gets the message loud and clear that he has a right to have a Trump sign and has a right to to his political views and to be able to make them known.

It’s called being an American for all of you hiding in your “SAFE SPACES”!