Prisons Come With A Degree and A Job – At Taxpayer Expense


The full of themselves bureaucrats at the DOJ and the White House have come up with yet another brilliant idea for a way to flush taxpayer dollars down the black hole of Marxist waste, this time in the name of fulfilling the “criminogenic needs’ of convicted felons. The theory is they will be provided with everything they need to seek a life outside of prison.

Unless there are some serious wiring problems inside their skulls, shouldn’t the reality of prison be enough to encourage them to behave in a manner that will allow them to remain outside? Does prison need to be like military school in order to make it less attractive than it is organically, as a prison? How about the incentive provided by a vibrant economy where citizens aren’t forced to compete with cut rate foreigners? That won’t happen in Obamaland.

In the Marxist paradise Obama has created, it’s not the criminal’s fault he committed the crime. It’s also not the fault of the liberal Democrats running their urban, state and national politics that have open bordered, NAFTA’d and “green energied” them out of work. It’s society’s fault in general, no matter how much of the unnecessary self-inflicted damage the Democrats have imposed.

Now criminals are going to get taxpayer funded stuff beginning with day one of their incarceration. The perks include a college education, employment training, life skills training, substance abuse treatment and mental health planning, training in building family relationships behind bars and other money pit programs designed to give the criminals an advantage upon their release.

They’re also fighting the racism that Obama and Lynch claim put them in prison in the first place. It was white privilege that made them holdup that cashier, strong arm mug a pedestrian and rape that young girl. Society’s inherently evil whiteness owes them an advantage in return.

Lynch calls the obscenely expensive benefit program the Roadmap to Reentry. With the amount of money we’re going to be throwing at criminals they don’t need a map; we’d be money ahead to just hire them a driver.

Always seeing the solution to every problem as redistributing money from the producers to the parasites, Obama’s DOJ under both Holder and Lynch has been advancing the Federal Interagency Reentry Council under the premise of a means to reduce recidivism and improve employment, education, housing and health outcomes of ex-cons.

Of course nothing worthwhile should be deprived of an honorary week so Loretta Lynch came up with the catchy “National Reentry Week” to mark the celebration, which follows the largest mass release of federal prisoners in history.

And since there are no jobs for American citizens in the Obama economy, those not having the economic advantage of being illegal aliens are further forced into dependency upon the federal government. It’s exactly where the Marxists want them. Commit a crime; get a government education and a government job – for life. It’s all courtesy of the American taxpayer.

First the criminal robs us and then the criminal federal government does likewise. This is why communism doesn’t work.


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