POUTY PANTHER! Cam Newton Walks Out Of Post Game Interview

Cam Newton Walks Out Of Post Game Interview

Apparently, post-loss press conferences are Cam Newton’s kryptonite.

Following Superbowl 50, Newton shuffled into a room full of reporters and slumped down into a chair.

The hoodie (rather than Versace) clad quarterback then proceeded to pout his way through almost an entire 3 minutes of questions.

Cam’s answers were mostly monosyllabic. Others may have been more than one word, but it was difficult to tell with his thumb practically in his mouth the whole time. There were a couple that were long enough to carry disdain and sarcasm.

When Newton could take no more of people who were not fawning all over him, he stood, mumbled “I’m done,” and stomped off the podium.

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It seems fellow athletes were none too impressed with “Superman’s” temper tantrum. His actions are being criticized by current and former players alike.

NFL Media’s Deion Sanders said:

“You are the face of our brand right now. You can’t do that. I understand the emotions of losing. You can’t do that. A Manning, a Brady, all of those guys who have been prototypical [guys] would never do that.

You can’t be dabbin’, smiling, styling and profiling when you win, so this is how you go out when you lose?”

TJ Lang of the Green Bay Packers tweeted:

“Man the thing with Cam is he had a golden opportunity to silence a lot of his critics. Gotta find a way to handle that better.”

Several others have expressed similar disappointment. Evidently, few felt that this was the behavior of a newly-crowned league’s Most Valuable Player.

Perhaps Cam was behaving childishly because of the spanking he had just received on the field from the Denver defense. He was sacked a record-tying 7 times and had the ball stripped from him for a  Broncos’ defensive touchdown.

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