Post-Election Violence All Traces To One Source, And It Is NOT Donald Trump


As per usual here in the United States, a progressive loses to the person the mainstream media paints as unacceptable, and individuals start displaying the Pavlovian reaction they have been taught to enact.  Donald Trump wins the Electoral College vote for president, and a bunch of people who fell for the George Soros public relations plan known as Black Lives Matter, and the special snowflakes currently infesting American colleges and universities started hyperventilating in shock, and the whole lot is up in arms, including violence toward other Americans.

Not only have they started to riot, burn stuff in the middle of streets and spray paint “Die Whites Die” on monuments, various members of this contingent feel no remorse in pulling private citizens from their vehicles and beating the crap out of them.  Watch:

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One does not know where to begin with this.  The people doing the beating of a man and stealing of his private property simply because he voted in a way they were taught to abhor was bad enough, but the cheering section was downright hateful.

And that is the irony.  Ever since the protesting and gaslighting of the mobs following the Michael Brown shooting in Ferguson, Missouri, in 2014, we in the United States have heard nothing but charges of racism against police, whites who support non-progressive causes and candidates, and Republicans.  Anyone who dared challenge the narrative that an unarmed teenager was shot and killed by police unfairly (he was 18, and weighed over 300 pounds. He WAS a lethal weapon), was called all manner of foul names.  We were called hateful, racist, bigot, prejudiced, and worse.  Yet, we were not the ones committing violence against other Americans, and we were not the ones violating civil rights, and destroying property, even after Barack Obama was elected the second time.  The mob is and was.

In the succeeding two years since Ferguson, mob action has been the modus operandi of the easily agitated as sponsored, ultimately, by a man wanted in other countries for crimes against humanity.  His name is George Soros, you know EXACTLY who he is.

One of the most gratifying pieces of evidence in the entire cache of 50,000+ of John Podesta’s emails as released by WikiLeaks, as well as some other leaked information, was the absolute proof that George Soros and his Open Society Foundation formulated the exact scenario we witnessed put into action in 2014, which has continued unabated since. It is the same violence and “protesting” we are suffering through today, and all because the mob, the proletariat as it were, has been victimized through systematic psyops from the mainstream media in the form of gaslighting resulting in what is essentially Stockholm Syndrome triggered by Pavlovian bells.

Yes, that is a lot of authentic psycho-babble, but it is the case.  The mob has been put up to the criminal, and very unAmerican behavior we see unfolding yet again.

And they are blaming people who did nothing other than show up to vote for the person who we all believe will bestnext-page serve our interests.

Yeah. Free

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